SQL Monitor

Picking over the Bones of a SQL Injection Attack

Some developers are like bikers. They think that accidents and disasters are things that happen to other people. They aren’t. The Developer Joe De Vell sat blinking in some confusion at the unexpected errors scrolling suddenly down his command line screen. It was output from his new SQL Server REST interface, built using NodeJS. How Read more

SQL Source Control

SQL Source Control v7 Enhancements

With the v7 release, SQL Source Control now enforces Git hooks, and provides full support for working with Git repositories hosted on Azure DevOps. It also comes with pre- and post-deployment scripts to make it easier to automate the build and deploy new database versions to your pre-production or production servers. Finally, the latest release Read more

SQL Toolbelt

Compliant Database DevOps for SQL Server using Redgate Tools

To many people, Database DevOps, means automating the processes involved in the provisioning, development and release of databases. This focus on automation is important, of course, because it allows us to deliver releases to our users reliably and frequently. Automation becomes more and more important as the number of releases increases, because it speeds up Read more

SQL Provision

Database Continuous Integration with SQL Clone and SQL Change Automation

When you are working as part of an application development team, it is worth settling down into a routine of doing a daily build from source control, and then provisioning test and development instances of the database. One major advantage is that the code and database can be scrutinized as early as possible, and you Read more

SQL Change Automation

Build and fill a database using JSON and SQL Change Automation

When you are developing a database, and doing regular builds from Source Control, you must produce a working database, of course, but it also needs data. The data you use will vary according to the type of tests you need to run. Integration test runs generally use one or more standard datasets so that, so Read more

SQL Change Automation

Database Continuous Integration with the Redgate SQL Toolbelt and Azure DevOps

This article explains how to set up a SQL Server source control and database continuous integration (CI) process from scratch, using Azure DevOps, Git, PowerShell and Redgate tools, in three steps: Database CI in theory and practice What you need to get started Step 1: Create a new Azure DevOps project and clone the repository Read more

SQL Change Automation

Database Development in Visual Studio using SQL Change Automation: Getting Started

SQL Change Automation (SCA) is a tool designed to help you automate and optimize the way you develop, build, test, and release SQL Server databases, including integration with source control. In this article, the first in a short series, I’ll show you how a team can use SQL Change Automation in Visual Studio to do Read more

Data Masker

How to do Accurate Address Masking using Data Masker

My previous article demonstrated how to mask address information, so that it couldn’t accidentally reveal personal or sensitive identifying information. However, we had little regard for the verisimilitude of the data, beyond the fact that the data still looked like address data. In this article, I’m going to outline a set of methods that we Read more

SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt Code Analysis: A Hint is Used (PE004-7)

“Because the SQL Server query optimizer typically selects the best execution plan, we recommend that hints be used only as a last resort by experienced developers and database administrators” — Microsoft SQL Server Documentation Really, there should be no discussion about this, because the above warning, in the documentation, summarizes it so well. However, I Read more

SQL Compare

Retrospective Database Source Control with SQL Compare

You have tripped over a database, somewhere in the IT department, that is either not in source control, or not completely in source control. What do you do? The database may be in the middle of development, but it may even be in production. What I mean by ‘not completely‘ is that you cannot easily Read more