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Constant innovation in the technology sector is forcing companies to rethink how they compete in the market.

With customers more tech-savvy than ever before, organizations must deliver quality products and features at speed, or risk losing to the competition.

While thought-leaders have been quick to adopt DevOps in development, many are slowed down by the need to keep data confidential and protected.

A Compliant Database DevOps approach helps you deliver at speed while keeping business-critical data safe.

"Integrating the database into the DevOps process is critical to ensuring the application is more stable and produces a higher quality product for our end-users."

Alan Davies, Vice-President, FactSet Research

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Deliver new products at velocity

The hectic pace of innovation in the technology sector is now the status quo. It's key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

With a Compliant Database DevOps approach to database development, you can accelerate delivery times, increase code quality, and rapidly respond to user requirements.

“DevOps satisfies our need to respond to customer requests in a more efficient manner.” Stephen Dudzic, Q88 LLC

Remove the database bottleneck in software delivery

Speed up software delivery with reliable, repeatable processes that remove the database deployment bottleneck.

Synchronize database and application delivery to resolve issues early and fast, deploy as quickly and frequently as the business needs, and optimize agility and performance across the full software lifecycle.

"The database is ultimately an essential part of the application – it's like the foundation of a house. The application is useless without the data." Alan Davies, Vice-President, FactSet Research

Protect business-critical data without slowing development

As data protection legislation tightens and the risk of data breaches grows, so does scrutiny of how sensitive data is stored and used within organizations.

Support business requirements for frequent deployments, without compromising on the safety of your data or the stability of your production environments.

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