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Flyway’s Clean Command Explained Simply

The Clean command resets a database to its initial state, before any Flyway migrations were applied. In other words, it empties the database. This can be useful for any development task that requires that you recreate the database structure, or for tearing down a test harness. It also allows you to try out experiments and alternative strategies within an isolated feature branch, and then reverse out of them. Read more

Flyway’s Baseline Migrations Explained Simply

A Flyway Baseline migration script is a single script with a B prefix that will migrate an empty database, or one that Flyway has 'cleaned', to the version specified in the file name. It is useful both for consolidating a long, often complex chain of historical migrations, and for capturing the current production version of a database, as the starting point for developing subsequent migrations. Read more

The Flyway Migrate Command Explained Simply

The 'Migrate' command automates the process of applying the database schema changes that are defined in migration scripts, while Flyway tracks the version of every copy of the database. This makes it much easier to maintain consistency across different database environments, and so facilitates continuous integration, continuous deployment, and database version control practices. Read more