Product articles

Implementing a Database Versioning System

Database versioning brings more control to team-based database development and helps avoid many of the errors that often creep into database delivery. This article explains all the requirements of a semantic versioning system for databases, from specifying the format of the version numbers, to deciding where to store them and how to process and compare them. Read more

Testing a Flyway Database Migration

Often, we want to test the new version of a database, produced by a Flyway migration, before committing the new migration file, or to test the same migration run on a number of different databases. This article demonstrates how to do it, by generating and using JSON parameter files to run a series of Flyway actions on any number of databases, on any number of servers. Read more

Exploring the Flyway Schema History Table

Flyway uses a schema history table to track the version of each database, recording in it every versioned migration file applied to build that version. It's worth understanding exactly how Flyway uses this table, the possible dangers of moving it to a non-default location and how to do it safely, if required. Read more