Case studies

Case study

Delivering results with an increasingly distributed workforce

A FTSE 100 wealth management business with application development teams distributed across India and the UK reduced the time taken for deployments from twelve hours to two, with fewer post-deployment errors.

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Case study

Meeting customer demands for software delivery

A European national airline increased the speed and reliability of their deployments, freeing up development time and adding a visible version history for their database to aid audit and compliance.

Case study

Keeping pace with a shifting tech landscape

The world's leading premium automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, financier, and dealership dramatically reduced the volume of tickets submitted to their operations team, by empowering their developers to diagnose and resolve problems.

Case study

KEPRO: Masking sensitive data across multiple development locations

Since adopting SQL Provision, KEPRO, a leading healthcare organization, has been able to get a new off-shore development team running and compliant, save 15-20 hours a week in provisioning processes, and reclaim terabytes of disk space. Further, they’ve successfully masked their PHI without jeopardizing the integrity or volume of the data for development and testing purposes.