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Together we learn. Develop your skills, connect with one another, and get support.

Community circle
The Community Circle, a place to find opportunities to learn and develop skills, join peers and members of the Redgate team, and get support and advice.

Webinar series

Postgres 101

Check out Ryan Booz’s new webinar series, PostgreSQL 101. Throughout the series Ryan breaks down the reasons for the rise of this cost-saving RDBMS, looking at the key differences from SQL Server, and how SQL Server developers can get started with it. Each 60 minute session focuses on a specific topic including:

  • PostgreSQL: Why PostgreSQL in 2023
  • Comparing SQL Server and PostgreSQL – 10 Key Differences
  • Getting started with PostgreSQL for SQL Server Developers

In-Person Event

PASS Data Community Summit 2023

This year’s PASS Data Community Summit is in person, in Seattle. Connect, share, & learn with peers and thought leaders while celebrating all things data for a week of learning and networking opportunities.

Summit will be taking place in-person only in Seattle from November 14-17, 2023, so register today and get inspired by your global data community!


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Redgate’s blog brings together written content from creators within Redgate and across the wider database community.

The blog provides a library of free learning content on the latest trends, product updates, life at Redgate and common industry topics including DevOps, Compliance and Development.

Simple Talk

Community hub and technical journal

Join over 150,000 of your peers in the Simple Talk community to advance you learning. A free online technical journal and community hub with everything from the absolute basics to deep-dives into specific features written in a clear and engaging way. All articles on the site are peer-reviewed and professionally edited.

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