Provision virtualized clones of databases in seconds, with sensitive data masked

  • Agility – Automate or self-serve development, test, and CI environments in seconds
  • Quality – Ensure the reliability and accuracy of development and testing
  • Control – Support compliance and scale with ease with centralized access controls
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SQL Provision enables teams to improve application releases, optimize the developer experience, accelerate database provisioning, and secure data to scale confidently.

SQL Provision combines our data virtualization and data masking capabilities to provision virtualized clones of databases, at speed, with sensitive data shielded, empowering teams to streamline their development and testing processes

SQL Provision combines SQL Clone and Data Masker for SQL Server to enable software teams to deliver database environments at the speed required by modern development practices, while ensuring the security of sensitive data subject to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations.

"We’ve cut the time for database provisioning by more than 85%, which is a really quick win for us."

Ahmed Althamari, Senior SQL Server DBA, Paymentsense

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Refresh dev, test, and CI in seconds

Refresh every stage of your development process in seconds with sanitized production data.

Catch data-related issues early and enjoy high release success. Automate test data provisioning or enable self-service so development teams can refresh environments on demand.

Unblock dedicated database development

The small footprint that clones need allows developers to create multiple local copies without placing a demand on infrastructure teams.

Built-in controls for teams boost productivity and integrated masking ensures data security. Developers are free to self-serve a copy of the database they need, on-demand and pre-configured with data matched to their project and security clearance.

Mask sensitive data for compliance

Protect sensitive data subject to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations with masking.

Deliver sanitized production data to development, test, and continuous integration environments quickly. Secure your business in the event of a data breach and maintain compliance without slowing development down.

Not sure where to start? SQL Data Catalog helps you identify and classify sensitive data, integrating with Data Masker to ease the burden of regulatory compliance.

Compliant Database DevOps

Dedicated database environments for development, test, and CI set the foundation for Compliant Database DevOps.

As DevOps scales through your organization, it drives the alignment of database and application teams. But while agile methodologies have brought greater velocity to application development, database development cycles remain slow in comparison.

SQL Provision enables teams to improve application releases, optimize the developer experience, accelerate database provisioning, and secure data to scale confidently.

Key features

Virtualize – refresh environments in seconds and save 99% storage

Create virtualized clones of SQL Server databases on premises or in virtual machines within a cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Clones work just like normal databases but are tiny in size, saving up to 99% disk space. This means that full and accurate copies of production datasets can be spun up in seconds for development, testing, and continuous integration.

Protect – deliver production-like data while ensuring compliance

Mask data subject to regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and others.

Developers receive data that accurately reflects the production environment's nuanced structure, complexity, and referential integrity, driving up the quality and reliability of database updates.

Automate – create and refresh environments on demand

Refresh development, test, and CI environments with fresh, sanitized production data as fast as software updates are released.

A library of PowerShell commands makes integration with build, release, and CI systems seamless and opens new opportunities for automated test data provisioning and database continuous delivery.

Self-service – enable developers to self-serve fresh data

Precise control over which databases specific users and teams can use to create clones and images enables safe self-service.

Developers are free to pull a copy of the instance they need, on-demand and pre-configured with data matched to their project and security clearance.

Manage – single UI for managing database clones and permissions

Manage all provisioning tasks from a single UI. See what clones have been created, how much disk space they’re using, when they were created, and by who.

Control who is able to create clones and images from which database instances, enabling safe self-service and delegation for DevOps and continuous integration.

Analyst insights

Bloor Market Update

Use this guide to understand the key capabilities offered by vendors in the Test Data Management market, including Redgate.

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Bloor InBrief: Test Data Management

"SQL Provision and SQL Data Catalog together provide a complete test data management solution that includes test data discovery, masking, and provisioning (via database clones) and can readily enmesh itself into your existing processes." Bloor Analyst.

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