Fifty Different Ways to Enact Data Privacy Laws?

Now that the GDPR has gone into effect, many are wondering what will happen in the United States. California is the first state to enact similar legislation, called the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). In this article, William Brewer explains the history of the law, what it means for companies doing business with California residents, and how it compares to the GDPR.… Read more

Security, Compliance, Data Ethics, and Breaking the “Not My Job” Mindset

Security, compliance, and data ethics are related concepts that everyone who works with software should know about, from the help desk to the C-level office… but almost everyone thinks that worrying about these things is someone else’s problem. As data breaches become increasingly common and data privacy regulations pass in more regions, there are increasing … Read more

Questions About Kerberos and SQL Server That You Were Too Shy to Ask

Kerberos authentication is a topic that many database administrators avoid. It’s really not that difficult to understand, but it’s also easy to get wrong. In this article, Kathi Kellenberger talks about what you need to know about configuring Kerberos for SSRS and SQL Server databases but were too shy to ask.… Read more