Why Everyone Developing T-SQL Needs to Learn About Graphical Execution Plans

Just recently, my local .NET user group asked me to present at their meeting on the topic of graphical execution plans. I love presenting for developers on SQL Server topics. I’m often describing something well known by database administrators, but completely new to the devs. I think the group learned a lot from me that … Read more

Understanding your Azure EA Billing Data and Building a Centralized Data Storage Solution

Many organizations are moving to Azure and other cloud providers. Understanding how resources are being used and what is spent is very important. In this article, Feodor explains his solution for automating the collection of the Enterprise Agreement billing from Azure into an Azure SQL Database where it can be analyzed. … Read more

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB Emulator for Creating Applications

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s NoSQL database platform running in the cloud. In this article, Suhas Pande explains many of the core concepts in Cosmos DB. Additionally, he goes over how to set up a local Cosmos DB emulator to create collections and documents. Using a local emulator is free and allows development with Cosmos DB without being connected to Azure. … Read more