The IT organization is changing.
How will you respond?

The role of the CIO's organization in a competitive, complex enterprise has fundamentally changed.

It's under pressure to scale and evolve, but impeded by challenges arising from the very opportunities it needs to maximize.

Deliver results with an increasingly distributed workforce

With more remote or flexible team members, global teams working across multiple locations, more contractors being brought in to keep projects moving, the pressure on tech teams to deliver more with a fragmented workforce means it is harder to attract and retain quality talent.

"Two thirds of IT employers said they face a moderate to extreme skills shortage."

Hays US 2018 Salary Guide

Break silos, adopt best practice and foster collaboration

As development teams innovate and experiment, they're often slowed down by the database.

Compliance controls, performance problems, and time to provision new environments mean unnecessary tensions are created between teams.

If similar challenges are holding back your team's ability to scale, inhibiting your appeal to high-quality talent and slowing down your projects, Redgate can help.

"The productivity of the team has improved dramatically...We can spend the extra time we've gained developing new features."

Luis Abreu, COO/CTO, Nmbrs

Standardize working practices across the whole team

The answer is simple: align database and application processes.

With Redgate, you can standardize team-based development so your teams deliver consistent, high-quality database code.

Development teams get fresh, compliant data to work with in an instant, ensuring that your business is protected.

Manual, error-prone processes and avoidable rework is replaced with more effective collaboration and added value development.

Satisfy customer expectations for software delivery

Finance, public services, business consultancy, healthcare - every industry is having to rethink how it delivers products and services to customers.

In turn, every business is becoming a technology business. With digital transformation firmly part of the growth strategy, the CIO's organization is at the forefront. Software delivery is at the heart of your organization's ability to respond to customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

“63% of customers expect companies to provide new products/services more frequently than ever before”

State of the Connected Customer Report 2018, Salesforce

Accelerate innovation at scale and mitigate the risk of reputation-damaging outages or data breaches

High-performing tech organizations have been quick to adopt DevOps practices to address growing customer expectations. But manual database development that's out of sync with the application increases the risk of inconsistent builds, failed deployments, and dissatisfied customers.

This is compounded by the need to secure sensitive data during development, meaning developers can't test against realistic data sets, creating further friction and risk of error.

Drive greater productivity while keeping sensitive data safe

The solution lies in giving your teams access to an industry-leading automation framework for database deployments. We provide reliable, scalable, and repeatable processes for build, test and release, so the database team are free to keep pace with the wider development resource.

Time saved on provisioning safe environments can be spent responding to customer needs and beating the competition. You benefit from security best practice, protecting your brand reputation and offering your customers invaluable peace of mind.

"Code goes from months to deploy, to days… When we want to bring out new functionality for the customer, we can do it really quick. That's the real benefit."

Jon Forster, Senior Global Program Manager, Fitness First

Keep pace with a shifting tech landscape

As the size and complexity of technology estates grow, so do the overheads associated with managing and optimizing how they perform.

Meanwhile, the business expects IT organizations to work leaner and quicker, add more value and manage more risk, all at the same time. A simple tech stack is a challenging goal for a complex business that serves many customers, in many territories, across many channels. Instead, the benefits of consistent practices, greater collaboration, and a culture of accountability are rapidly driving the adoption of DevOps.

"The need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure is the biggest driver of IT budget increases in 2019"

The 2019 State of IT Report, Spiceworks

Tracking performance is manual, reactive, and not fit for purpose

With DevOps fuelling closer alignment across traditionally siloed organizations, the need for real-time, actionable insights into estate performance is of pressing importance to more teams.

Server performance is no longer just the concern of the Operations team. But as the technology estate evolves, previously manual server monitoring processes become unscalable and expose your business to the risk of unnecessary downtime and compliance breaches. Ops teams become trapped in a cycle of firefighting and hotfixes.

Prevent the database blocking agile software delivery

We enable proactive server estate monitoring and accurate reporting, to aid minimal downtime and optimal time to recovery. Providing performance visibility to more of your teams creates shared responsibility for resolving performance problems before they impact your operations or customers.

Dev teams can identify if deployments are causing performance problems, ensuring a DevOps feedback loop that helps you continuously improve.

Adapt to growing regulatory pressure

With tighter data protection laws coming into play, customers are more security conscious than ever. In heavily regulated sectors, the need for rigorous audit trails is growing, to rebuild customer faith and protect consumer rights.

Whatever the driver, companies are responding by incorporating data protection into the software development cycle from the beginning.

“We need to support all the new regulatory requirements. They are not optional, and it needs to be done by a particular time and date, so it requires us to respond very quickly.”

James Phillips, VP Technology, Mizuho Securities America

The development cycle is conflicted

Non-adherence to the heavy expectations of data protection legislation can destroy an organization: heavy fines, customer loss, and long-lasting reputational damage. If you haven't baked security into your development pipeline, incidents can bring your team and your business to a halt.

Releasing new products and features takes a backseat as you scramble to mitigate the impact. Development stops and your team becomes disengaged, unable to work on value-add projects. All the while your competitors keep on delivering.

"There is a fatal flaw in the assumption…that there is a 'trusted' internal network where data is safe"

The Future of Data Security: A Zero Trust Approach, John Kindervag, Heidi Shey, Kelley Mak, 2014, Forrester Research, Inc.

Prioritize security without impeding innovation

We help you to protect and preserve valuable data, without slowing down agile ways of working.

Through our solution, you can incorporate compliance requirements into database development practice, putting in place audit trails and watertight processes for your teams.

You stay compliant by protecting sensitive data, while database teams can instantly generate realistic data sets for your development teams to test new features and products. The whole function is free to focus on adding value and delivering to customers.


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