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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Compliant Database DevOps

Compliant Database DevOps is a major accelerator in your digital transformation or change initiative: it shortens time to market and revenue while protecting your sensitive data.

Your enterprise achieves faster, more reliable delivery, stronger collaboration, and greater efficiencies while minimizing downtime and maintaining compliance. Compliant Database DevOps provides a competitive advantage in a competitive economy.

Video: Enterprise businesses that adopt Database DevOps save an average of $4.3M per year

92% of Fortune 100 companies use Redgate's software

How enterprises are benefiting


Faster to market and therefore to revenue

Database DevOps adoption correlates with higher business performance*. Accelerating time to market, customer satisfaction and revenue gains.

*Source: Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2022

Predictable, repeatable releases and less downtime

Companies that employ DevOps are 2,604 times faster to recover from incidents** saving them from downtime and revenue loss.

**Source: Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2019


Automation of manual tasks means increased innovation

Free up your team's time to work on innovative, value-add projects by using Database DevOps to automate manual tasks.

Seamlessly supports your business growth

Proactively monitoring your databases frees up an average of 3 hours per day for your team. They can then drive business impact elsewhere.


Protection of sensitive data

Automating the protection of sensitive data significantly reduces business risk while enabling developers to maintain continuous compliance.

Supported audit requirements

Ensure full compliance with audits through detailed and instant overview of installed versions, patches, and the status of backups.

Watch a video testimonial from Chris Yates at Republic Bank

“How has Redgate helped us? Speed to market [and] efficiency: we've been able to reduce 40% overload from our employees with DevOps processes.”

Chris Yates
Senior Vice President | Managing Director of Data and Architecture
Republic Bank

“… that's been a huge risk reduction [to the business] that we've been able to gain.”

James Phillips
Chief Information Officer

Watch a video testimonial from James Phillips at

The ROI of Database DevOps for Enterprise Organizations

We have a simple ROI model for Database DevOps based on quantifiable costs we see from our enterprise customers and from independent 3rd party research.

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Complements your existing processes

Redgate solutions integrate with common tools and support best practices making adoption at scale easy.

SQL Server

Why work with Redgate?

Watch a video testimonial from Bob Walker

Bob Walker, Technical Director, Octopus Deploy

World class support

From scoping to implementation and beyond, we help enterprises get value fast and ensure long term success.

  • Dedicated Support Engineers offer support by email or remote session. Most queries are answered within two hours.
  • Live training sessions on the latest features, best practice, and live Q&As with our experts.
  • On-demand online training lets teams get the information they need the moment it's needed.

“Alex's support was nothing short of awe inspiring”

Nathan Wilson (DBA)

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