SQL Change Automation

SQL Change Automation

Simple Steps in SQL Change Automation Scripting

Phil Factor demonstrates the bare essentials of SCA PowerShell scripts that can form the basis for an automated process for database delivery or help improve your current process. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Database Delivery with Docker and SQL Change Automation

Phil Factor demonstrates the basics of how to automate database builds into a Linux SQL Server container running on Windows, and then backup the containerized database and restore it into dedicated containerized development copies for each developer and tester. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Running Linux SQL Server as a Container

Phil Factor starts a series of articles that will demonstrate the use of temporary SQL Server instances, running in Linux containers, into which we can deploy the latest database build, stocked with data, for development and testing work. This initial article shows how to set up a SQL Server instance inside a Linux Docker container, create some sample databases, and persist data locally. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Automating Builds from Source Control for the WideWorldImporters Database

Kendra Little shows how to get the WideWorldImporters database into version control, using SQL Source Control, and then set up an automated database build process, using Azure DevOps with SQL Change Automation. Read more

SQL Prompt

The Whys and Wherefores of Untrusted or Disabled Constraints

Having untrusted or disabled FOREIGN KEY or CHECK constraints in your databases will degrade data consistency and integrity and can cause query performance problems. Phil Factor explains how to detect these and other table-related issues, during development, before they cause trouble further down the line. Read more

SQL Clone

Database Continuous Integration with SQL Clone and SQL Change Automation

Phil Factor provides the basis for a Database Continuous Integration process, using SQL Change Automation to build the latest database, and then SQL Clone to distribute it to the various team-based servers that need it. Having honed the process, you can run it every time someone commits a database change. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Build and fill a database using JSON and SQL Change Automation

Phil Factor demonstrates how to export data from a database, as JSON files, validate it using JSON Schema, then build a fresh development copy of the database using SQL Change Automation, and import all the test data from the JSON files. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Database Continuous Integration with the Redgate SQL Toolbelt and Azure DevOps

Alex Yates shows how to set up automated processes for SQL Server database source control, build and continuous integration using Redgate SQL Toolbelt, Git and Azure DevOps Read more

SQL Change Automation

Database Development in Visual Studio using SQL Change Automation: Getting Started

Steve Jones shows how to set up a SQL Change Automation (SCA) project in Visual Studio, and import an existing database. As the team make database changes, either in SSMS or VS, they import them into the SCA project, which saves each change as a migration script that is then committed to source control. Read more

SQL Change Automation

Documenting your Database with SQL Change Automation

Phil Factor uses SQL Change Automation and PowerShell to verify that the source code for the current database version builds successfully and, if so, to generate web-based database documentation using SQL Doc. Read more