We’re looking for people who get the right things done, who love working in teams, and who are always learning and helping others.


Redgate is adopting a flexible-hybrid model which means that people will work flexibly between a remote and office environment. Where you work will be determined by the nature of your role and the type of work you need to do. Weekly visits to the office are likely for most people to support our collaborative culture and enable our teams to deliver great work, though less frequent visits may also work well.

We are beginning to accommodate COVID-safe office based working now for people who prefer to work this way when and where we can but we are also supportive of people working fully remotely for the rest of 2021 who wish to.

Be aware of fraud

We've recently become aware that members of the public are receiving emails containing fake offers of employment with Redgate Software.

We don't interview over Google Hangouts, and we'll never contact you from, or ask you to send email to a generic email address like Gmail or Hotmail. Please treat any employment offers claiming to be from Redgate but using generic email addresses as suspicious.

All jobs we're hiring for are on our careers page, and we encourage you to apply directly through this site. If you receive a suspicious email, asking for your bank details or any money, please do not send your information out. We encourage you to notify the relevant local authority.

Our hiring process


Tell us about yourself, your skills and experience, and talk about why you’d like to work at Redgate.

Include a CV, or a link to your LinkedIn page, and if you'd like to show some of your work, attach your portfolio or point us to Stack Overflow or GitHub.


We’ll acknowledge your application straight away, review it and keep you updated on your progress. We might also email an assessment to complete, or invite you for a brief telephone interview. If we don’t think you’re suitable we’ll tell you why. We won’t let you down, we’ll try and help you.

Our assessments focus on how well you’re able to do the job – we won’t ask you to solve arbitrary logic puzzles.


You’ll be talking to different people, you may well meet people you’ll be working with, and we’ll allow time for you to ask questions. We don’t have a dress code at Redgate, by the way, so dress in whatever makes you comfortable.

We want you to be relaxed and at your best in our interviews. If there's anything you'd especially like us to ask you about, or any parts of the interview you dread, let us know.


If we think you’d be great at Redgate, we’ll make an offer and iron out any details like relocation issues.

If we don’t think you’ll fit in right away, we’ll tell you why. Some people have taken our advice and come back a year later and got a job.

From the blog

“I'm given autonomy and support to pursue initiatives I'm passionate about, and I get to work with incredibly talented people every day.”

Alex Tercete, Software Engineer

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