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Introduction to SQL Scripts Manager

SQL Scripts Manager - free

  • Expert scripts: contains 28 scripts written by expert DBAs, SQL Server MVPs, and Redgate's SQL developers.
  • Accelerated scripting: streamline repeated administration and scripting tasks with quick and easy access to scripts.
  • Customize and extend: easily build custom user interfaces around any T-SQL or IronPython script.
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More information about SQL Scripts Manager

SQL Scripts Manager is a free tool that brings together must–have scripts from expert DBAs, SQL Server MVPs, and Redgate developers, to help you automate common troubleshooting, diagnostic, and maintenance tasks.

28 scripts have been provided by nine recognized SQL Server experts, including Ola Hallengren, Phil Factor, Rodney Landrum, and Exceptional DBA Award winners Dan McClain and Tracy Hamlin.

SQL Scripts Manager gives you quick, easy access to SQL, IronPython, and SMO scripting

Simplify everyday SQL administration tasks with scripts such as Louis Davidson's "CPU–intensive queries", Ola Hallengren's award-winning "SQL Server Maintenance Solution", "Top resource waits" from Glenn Berry, Tim Ford's "Blocking transactions", and many more.

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Overview of all scripts in SQL Scripts Manager

Includes 28 scripts from SQL Server experts

T-SQL code for the Backups in last x days script

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