Compliant Database DevOps for U.S. Federal Government

Keep your business critical or sensitive data protected, and stay compliant, without slowing down development.


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As data protection legislation tightens, and the risk of data breaches grows, so does scrutiny of how sensitive data is stored and used within organizations.

Without the right processes or tooling in place, software development can grind to a halt under the weight of data security concerns.

It’s imperative to strike a balance between intensified data compliance needs and business demands for speed and agility.

By taking a Compliant Database DevOps approach and adopting best practices like cataloguing and masking data as it moves through environments and monitoring for suspicious activity, governmental organizations can meet business objectives while ensuring sensitive data is protected.

Protect business-critical data and comply with GDPR, CCPA, and NIST

As data protection legislation tightens and the risk of data breaches grows, so does scrutiny of how sensitive data is stored and used within organizations.

Support business requirements for frequent deployments, without compromising on the safety of your data or the stability of your production environments.

Remove the database bottleneck in software delivery

Implement a consistent, scalable, and repeatable process to keep application and database development in sync.

Adopt best practices like database continuous integration and release management to find and resolve errors earlier for fast, low-risk releases.

Drive business growth at scale

With a growing number of data regulations being enforced, federal government agencies are forced to increase headcount or invest in third party tooling.

With proactive monitoring, your team can more efficiently monitor a growing number of SQL Servers across on-prem, VMs and Azure, meaning you can maintain with data protection without scaling the workforce.

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Webinar Recording: Implementing Data Masking for NIST Compliance

In this live webinar, Kendra Little and Chris Unwin will demystify the new requirements for PII in NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5. They will share a plan you can adopt to quickly comply with these standards without stalling the work of developers, testers, or researchers.

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Whitepaper: Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for Data Masking

Security and risk management leaders should use data masking to desensitize or protect sensitive data to address threats and compliance requirements. Gartner has published its 2018 Market Guide for Data Masking, which can be used to understand the key capabilities offered by vendors in this market, including Redgate.

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Blogpost: Personal Data, Privacy, and the GDPR

Any IT professional with a responsibility for the custodianship of data will be aware of the regulations that, increasingly, define our various responsibilities for protecting that data. William Brewer gives a rundown of what he sees as the implication for IT practice.

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