Find SQL fast in SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio

  • Find fragments of SQL in tables, views, stored procedures, functions, jobs, and more

  • Quickly navigate to objects wherever they happen to be on a server

  • Search across multiple object types and multiple databases

  • Find all references to an object

  • Search with booleans and wildcards

SQL Search

Why use SQL Search?

Impact Analysis

You want to rename one of your table columns but aren't sure what stored procedures reference it.

Using SQL Search, you can search for the column name and find all the stored procedures where it is used.

Work faster

Finding anything in the Object Explorer requires a lot of clicking.

Using SQL Search, you can press the shortcut combo, start typing the name, and jump right there.

Make your life easier

You need to find stored procedures you've not yet finished writing.

Using SQL Search, you can search for stored procedures containing the text TODO.

Increase efficiency, reduce errors

Using SQL Search, you can look for SELECT * in the text of stored procedures and views and replace them with a correct list of columns to improve performance and prevent future bugs.


How to find objects with SQL Search

SQL Search integrates into SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio 2017

Pick the objects and databases you want to search

You get results as you type

Quickly jump to the found objects

“SQL Search has saved me many hours of time, and a lot of frustration.”

Chris Yates, Database Administration Manager, Republic Bank

See why Chris Yates relies on SQL Search to search through objects in his 1500 databases.

Download the case study (PDF)