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We aim to be the best place you've ever worked. Redgate is successful, growing, and our culture is relaxed and inclusive.

Why Redgate

If you join Redgate, you'll be joining the leading provider of software for professionals working on the Microsoft data platform.

You'll help over 800,000 people in every kind of industry across the world, from small and medium sized businesses to 92% of companies in the Fortune 100 – including Walt Disney, Intel, Amazon, and Yorkshire Water.

We're growing

And you'll be part of a company that's built up its reputation of trust over 25 years. Today, Redgate is still a growing company - and we want to help you to grow, too.

You'll be supported in your role, your wellbeing, and your personal development - because when you're flourishing, so is the whole team.

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Join us

Join us today to help bring our ingeniously simple software to more people, and help us make Redgate an even better place to work.

We're looking for more applicants from every background: if you share our core values, but can also bring something new to our culture, we want to hear from you.

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"We really believe that product development is a team sport and that everyone should get involved to make the best products for our customers"

Head of Product Engineering

Our Pasadena team

Design & Engineering

We love to find, define, explore, and solve really tricky challenges.

We have a user-centered approach to problem-solving. Focusing on the user at every step helps us solve the right problems, in the right places, for the right people.

Marketing & Sales

Agile teamwork, close involvement with the products, and Jammie Dodgers...

Read more about what it's like to work in Marketing in Jamie's blog post.

Operations & Support

What does it feel like to work in a support team that gets a 95.2% customer satisfaction score?

Find out in Anu and Alex's blog post.

Students & Interns

Each year we run several 10-week paid internships, doing real work in an established team.

As a Redgate Intern you'll be a part of the team day one, and spend your time on things that make a real difference.

Our values

It's easy to get distracted from what really matters, so our values remind and guide us to do the right things for our users, our teams, and for Redgate.

Three stylized illustrations of people, one on a computer screen, talking. One of their heads is a lightbulb icon.

We're reasonable

We treat everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves, even when the circumstances are difficult.

Two people (one on a screen) raising their mugs together.

We're ingeniously simple

Our best products and services are ingeniously simple. The same goes for how we work internally. We work best when we don't overcomplicate things.

Two people holding up alert symbols

Transparency helps us continually improve

We make mistakes visible and share the evidence used to make decisions. No gossiping, no intrigue, no pussy-footing around problems.

One stylized person talking to a group on a screen

We do our best work in teams

We continually improve when we make the most of everyone's expertise. The company is more important than the team and the team is more important than the individual.

Two stylized people lifting a trophy together

When our customers succeed, so do we

Profits keep the score, but the game is to help customers succeed so they genuinely value what they pay for.

A stylized group of people, one of whose heads is a crossed-out symbol. Another on a screen is shaking their fist at them.

Don't be an asshole

No matter how smart you are, or how good you are at narrowly-defined tasks, there is no room for you here if you're an asshole.

Tom, Head of Brand at Redgate

Graduate Marketer Head of Brand

Kendra, Product Manager at Redgate

Redgate Advocate Product Manager

Cassi, VP of Sales at Redgate

Renewal Sales Rep VP of Sales

Priya, Development Lead at Redgate

Test Engineer Development Lead

Phil, Web Developer at Redgate

Receptionist Web Developer

Callum, Product Designer at Redgate

Design Intern Product Designer

If you succeed, so do we

At Redgate, you'll be able to develop the skills you want, the way you want - and we'll be there to support, advise, and encourage you.

Everyone here has the chance to work with us on their own Personal Development Plan. Above are just a few of the ways we've seen people grow here.

"I love the flexibility working here. I have the freedom to do a lot of fun creative work."

Rain Cao, Graphic Designer

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