Product articles

Database Testing in a Flyway Development

If you can test and evaluate databases, and database objects, at every phase of the database development lifecycle, then you are much more likely to be able to adopt continuous delivery. The further down the delivery pipeline that bugs appear, the more costly in time and resources they are to fix. Read more

Getting Started with Flyway and any RDBMS

How to get started with Flyway, as simply as possible, using PowerShell. This article provides a practice set of Flyway migration scripts that will build the original pubs database on either SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB or SQLite and then migrate it from version to version, making a series of improvements to its schema design. Read more

Simple Reporting with Flyway and Database Models

If you can generate a file-based (JSON) model for each new version of a database, produced by a Flyway migration, then you have an easy way to run simple reports to help you search, list, and understand the structure of these databases. I'll show how to produce the models using PowerShell and then run some queries against them to generate the reports. Read more

Getting Started with Flyway Desktop

Robert Sheldon helps you get started with Flyway Desktop by walking you through the process of creating a Flyway Desktop project for an existing database. It covers the basics of building a schema model, generating and running migration scripts, and saving changes to source control. Read more

Flyway How-tos: a User’s Perspective

Flyway provides a database-independent way for a team to track, manage and apply database changes, while maintaining strict control of database versions. It updates a database by running a series of versioned migration scripts, in order, and keeps track of all the changes in a special "schema history" table. It sounds simple, but it is easy to derail this team discipline if you don't find the right answers to the following questions… Read more