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Using a Variable-length Datatype Without Explicit Length: The Whys and Wherefores (BP007/8)

If you declare a variable-length string , or coerce a string, without specifying its length, you can fall foul of ‘silent’ string truncation. Some developers resort to using the (MAX) specification, which is a mistake too. Phil Factor explains the dangers and then offers a workaround for the problem, when you're importing text and simply don't know the correct length of each string. Read more

SQL Data Generator

Pseudonymizing a Database with Realistic Data for Development Work

How to use SQL Data Generator, and PowerShell to obfuscate personal data (names), while retaining the same distribution of data, so that the test database behaves like the original. Read more

SQL Data Generator

Pseudonymizing your data with SQL Data Generator

Starting from a database view, as the basis for a typical sales reports, Phil factor shows how to generate a data-masked version of this report, which the Tax Men can safely pore over. Read more

SQL Data Generator

Realistic, simulated data for testing, development and prototypes

Generating realistic test data is a challenging task, made even more complex if you need to generate that data in different formats, for the different database technologies in use within your organization. Dave Poole proposes a solution that uses SQL Data Generator as a ‘data generation and translation’ tool. Read more

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Generating test data in JSON files using SQL Data Generator

Phil Factor shows how to use SQL Data Generator to produce as much pseudonymized data as you are likely to need for your testing, and then convert it to JSON so that you can also use it to test your MongoDB and Azure Cosmos databases, or to test out a new web service. Read more

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Protecting production data in non-production environments

Grant Fritchey discusses the need to ‘shift left’ the database and associated database testing, while keeping sensitive data secure when it is outside the production environment, and how SQL Provision can help you achieve this. Read more

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Basic data masking for development work using SQL Clone and SQL Data Generator

Richard Macaskill describes a lightweight copy-and-generate approach for making a sanitized database build available to development teams, using SQL Clone, SQL Change Automation and SQL Data Generator. Read more

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Automatically build-and-fill multiple development databases using PowerShell and SQL Data Generator

This article offers a build-and-fill method for development databases, where each developer will subsequently want to alter the data or metadata in his or her copy of the database. Read more

SQL Data Generator

Automatically filling your SQL Server test databases with data

Phil Factor provides a simple PowerShell script that you can use to automate data provisioning for test databases, during the database development cycle. Read more

SQL Data Generator

How to generate realistic text data using SQL Data Generator

To get the best results, you need to provide SQL Data Generator with some hints on how the data ought to look. Phil Factor nudges it towards realistic text data. Read more