SQL Provision

SQL Provision

Automatic Provisioning of Developer Databases with SQL Provision

The GDPR, and other regulations, requires that we be careful in how we handle sensitive data. One of the easiest ways to avoid a data breach incident, and any accompanying fine, is to limit the sensitive data your organization collects, and then restrict the ‘exposure’ of that data, within your organization. Many high-profile incidents in Read more

SQL Provision

Masking Data in Practice

Even small extracts of data need to be created with caution, if they are for public consumption. Sensitive data can 'hide' in unexpected places, and apparently innocuous data can be combined with other information to expose information about identifiable individuals. If we need to deliver an entire database in obfuscated form, the problems can get harder. Phil Factor examines some of the basic data masking techniques, and the challenges inherent in masking certain types of sensitive and personal data, while ensuring it still looks like the real data, and preserving its referential integrity, and distribution characteristics. Read more

Data Masker

Approaches to masking email addresses

A recent Data Governance Survey conducted by Redgate of over 500 SQL Server professionals showed that 61% of respondents were using Production data for non-production workflows; a process that is often seen as necessary for the reliability of development, testing and other similar workflows. However, with data privacy legislation such as the GDPR, POPI and Read more

SQL Provision

Masking Dates in a Non-Production Database

Since 2004 I’ve helped more than 800 companies incorporate data masking into their database deployment strategy for non-production databases, mainly using the Data Masker tool, which is part of SQL Provision. The goals are always the same. First, understand what sensitive data, or Personally Identifying Information (PII), exists in the source database. This might not Read more

SQL Provision

SQL Provision adds fully integrated data masking

SQL Provision launched in January, offering users blazingly fast database copying, with a light storage footprint, centralized management, and the ability to mask any sensitive data, prior to distribution. This new release takes compliant provisioning one step further, by integrating data masking directly into SQL Clone’s image creation process, rather than running it as a Read more

SQL Provision

Create, protect and manage non-production databases with SQL Provision

SQL Provision allows users to create copies of SQL Server databases in seconds, using a fraction of disk space, and mask any sensitive data to help address data privacy and protection concerns. It serves as a gateway between production and non-production environments, to ensure the safe distribution of database copies from one central location, without blocking Read more

SQL Clone

How to automatically provision sanitized data using SQL Clone, Data Masker and PowerShell

National and regional legislation, as well industry standards, dictate what an organization can and can’t do with sensitive data, as well as how it needs to be handled, audited and protected. In addition, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) tightens up enormously the requirements for storage, handling, processing, disclosure and erasure of personal information about Read more