Proactive Monitoring for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Your customer’s environments are becoming more complex, but the size of your workforce can’t keep pace with those demands. Find out how proactive monitoring helps you accelerate growth without increasing headcount.


Europe’s leading MSP provides a better, more complete service to customers with proactive monitoring. Read their story

Rapidly-evolving demand is forcing MSPs to re-evaluate how you deliver value to your customers.

Companies across every sector are reliant on the constantly connected, data-rich, software solutions which allow them to operate. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), this presents a huge opportunity to accelerate growth.

With more data, devices and users than ever before, MSPs worldwide are faced with a challenge; how to better support a growing customer base, without the overhead of a larger workforce to meet the demand.

With proactive monitoring of your growing estate, you can manage your MSP business more efficiently and better support customers worldwide, for sustained success.

"Doubling the size of our infrastructure every two or three years would have been impossible, or certainly extremely difficult without the capabilities that SQL Monitor offers."

Dennis Heitmann, DBA, Fiducia & GAD

SQL Server Monitoring for Managed Service Providers. You’re in good company

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Drive business growth at scale

With more clients, devices and servers to manage, MSPs are forced to increase headcount or invest in third party tooling.

With proactive monitoring, your team can more efficiently monitor a growing number of SQL Servers across on-prem, VMs and Azure, meaning you can keep up with customer demand without scaling the workforce.

“We’ve been able to scale operations at an unprecedented rate. We have introduced 150 new servers this year and 70-80 applications. Without Redgate’s SQL Monitor, this would not have been possible.” Patrick Meyer, DBA, Fiducia & GAD IT AG

Provide better value to your customers

By being on top of the health and status of your customer’s estate at all times, you can pinpoint events, evaluate causes and effects, and be able to respond to customer demands immediately.

By using predictive trends, baselines and customizable alerting you can identify issues before they impact your customers, delivering a higher standard of service and improving overall customer satisfaction.

"SQL Monitor lets us quickly know what the exact problem is so we can jump on it and fix it before the customer even notices. Ultimately SQL Monitor doesn’t just benefit the internal IT team at Claranet, it benefits our customers too." Nick Percy, Senior Database Administrator, Claranet

Help your customers address compliance

Use custom alerts and metrics to ensure your customers’ data remains compliant.

With effective monitoring in place, you’re alerted to security problems that put your data at risk such as unauthorized access attempts, failed logins, database drift, SQL Injection attacks and much more.

Explore SQL Server Monitoring for Managed Service Providers

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