Where’s the database in DevOps?

At the end of 2015, we interviewed James Betteley, Head of Education at DevOpsGuys about the role of the database in DevOps. As we get ready to welcome James back for our DevOps 101: An Introduction to DevOps webinar, here’s a recap on the key messages that came out of our earlier discussion. So,... read more

How I landed a UX gig at Redgate (part 1)

I moved to Cambridge UK in the summer of 2015. A bit of an Anglophile, it’s lived up to all expectations every Jane Austen book gave me of England. A hop, skip, and a jump away from London — it’s everything you need in a city, with its beautiful colleges and the River Cam as the... read more

Faster SQL Server troubleshooting using SQL Prompt snippets

A good DBA will automate repetitive tasks, but sometimes you need to troubleshoot a problem ‘live’, with people standing over you, and the pressure on. This is something that can’t be automated. SQL Prompt snippets have helped me out in this sort of situation numerous times. Built-in SSMS query shortcuts SSMS provides a few... read more

Database provisioning: getting started with SQL Clone

For large databases, it’s a hard and time consuming task to provide database developers with development or test copies of that database that resemble the production database, in terms of the size, distribution and nature of the data. It can take a lot of time to produce a copy of the latest database build,... read more

So what’s the real state of database DevOps?

Good question. Redgate recently ran a State of Database DevOps survey among 1,000 software professionals. The survey included developers, database administrators, and those at management level, and over half of the companies involved employed more than 500 people. I took a quick glance at the results in a recent blog post and talked about some surprising findings:... read more

SQL in the City Streamed was a blast

Here at Redgate, there’s a strong sense of working as a team, even across functions, and that really came through during the preparations for this year’s virtual SQL in the City Streamed. Doing a live stream isn’t something I’ve put my hand to before, but I knew a guy – two guys in fact. They... read more

Database CI with Redgate DLM Automation, PowerShell and Jenkins

While the practice of Continuous Integration (CI) started with application code, you can apply the same principles to databases. Database CI is the process by which we build, test and deploy the database on commit of every database change, and report any errors. In this way, CI reduces your feedback loop such that changes... read more

How to generate realistic text data using SQL Data Generator

SQL Data Generator (SDG) is very handy for making a database come alive with what looks something like real data, and, once you specify the empty database, it will do its level best to oblige. To get the best results though, you need to provide SDG with some hints on how the data ought... read more

DevOps for the database – the inside story

Lots of people talk about DevOps lots of the time. No surprise there. It’s seen as the route to speed up the software delivery cycle, while at the same time improving the efficiency and quality of the development process. But how many companies out there are actually doing DevOps? What are the obstacles to... read more