Amy Watson

8 July 2024

Amy Watson

8 July 2024

Level up your learning at PASS Data Community Summit 2024

Did you know that the general program for PASS Data Community Summit 2024 (November 4-8) was recently unveiled? This year’s lineup includes over 150 different sessions being delivered by over 140 speakers!   One of the many reasons why attendees love PASS Summit is the volume of high-quality educational content they can take away from the conference... Read more

Marking deployments in Redgate Monitor 14

Redgate Monitor is an essential tool for DBA teams worldwide, providing real-time monitoring of SQL Server and PostgreSQL performance. With RedgateMonitor, you can easily track deployments, errors, and other events on the timeline. This feature, called annotations, allows you to quickly identify the root cause of performance issues and take corrective action. Redgate Monitor’s... Read more

How the Financial Services sector is moving to the cloud, and what it means for monitoring

Redgate recently published the 2024 State of the Database Landscape report, which explores how the challenges for data professionals now encompass a lot more than managing and monitoring their database estates for high availability and optimum performance. Database DevOps, multiple database platforms, the cloud, AI, and making data available for development and testing have... Read more

What’s new in Flyway? State-based deployments in Flyway Teams

Historically, Flyway has been a migrations-based database deployment tool. It greatly improves database deployments by tracking what migration scripts have been executed against a target database and applying any pending migration scripts. Since Redgate acquired Flyway in 2019, we’ve been incorporating Redgate’s database comparison technology into the paid editions (Flyway Teams/Enterprise) so that users... Read more

Using environments in Flyway commands

Deploying database code using pipelines in various CI/CD tools is a common practice among our customers who use Flyway. To enhance security and avoid hardcoding sensitive information like connection strings, they frequently employ variables and secrets in the pipelines. Recently, Redgate introduced a new way to configure target database connections with Flyway CLI 10... Read more