Download old versions of products

When should I download an old version?

We usually recommend downloading the latest product versions, but you should download an old version if:

  • Redgate's support team recommends it.
  • You no longer have the old version you want installed, or have it installed on a machine that's no longer in use.

What should I do before I download an old version?

  1. If you have an existing version installed, uninstall it using Add or remove programs.
  2. Make sure you have a valid serial number to activate the license. Check my serial number

SQL Server products

.NET products

Oracle products

Retired products

SQL Response

SQL Toolkit 6

SQL Tools V5 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V5.3
  • SQL Data Compare V5.3
  • SQL Packager V5.3

SQL Tools V4.30 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V4.30
  • SQL Data Compare V4.30
  • SQL Packager V4.30
  • SQL Toolkit V4.30

SQL Tools V4.10 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V4.10
  • SQL Data Compare V4.10
  • SQL Packager V4.10
  • SQL Toolkit V4.10

SQL Tools V3.41 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V3.21
  • SQL Data Compare V3.40
  • SQL Packager V1.1
  • SQL Toolkit V3.20

SQL Tools V2 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V2.03
  • SQL Data Compare V2.03