Download old versions of products

When should I download an old version?

We usually recommend downloading the latest product versions, but you should download an old version if:

  • Redgate's support team recommends it.
  • You no longer have the old version you want installed, or have it installed on a machine that's no longer in use.

What should I do before I download an old version?

  1. If you have an existing version installed, uninstall it using Add or remove programs.
  2. Make sure you have a valid serial number to activate the license. Check my serial number

SQL Server products

.NET products

Oracle products

Retired products

ANTS Profiler

(After V4.3, ANTS Profiler was split into two different products, ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler)

Exception Hunter

Exchange Server Archiver

.NET Demon

Schema Doc for Oracle

SQL Automation Pack

SQL Tools V5 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V5.3
  • SQL Data Compare V5.3
  • SQL Packager V5.3

SQL Tools V4.30 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V4.30
  • SQL Data Compare V4.30
  • SQL Packager V4.30
  • SQL Toolkit V4.30

SQL Tools V4.10 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V4.10
  • SQL Data Compare V4.10
  • SQL Packager V4.10
  • SQL Toolkit V4.10

SQL Tools V3.41 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V3.21
  • SQL Data Compare V3.40
  • SQL Packager V1.1
  • SQL Toolkit V3.20

SQL Tools V2 Bundle

  • SQL Compare V2.03
  • SQL Data Compare V2.03