Ensure the safety of your data without being a bottleneck to software delivery

Operations teams are under pressure to support a faster rate of change, while faced with growing volumes of data and a changing regulatory landscape.

As the team responsible for the integrity of your data, as well as the stability of the live environment, your ability to support frequent change can seem constrained. While development teams look to deploy more frequently, you need to have confidence that processes are reliable and data is secure.

A Compliant Database DevOps approach enables you to protect sensitive or business critical data as it moves through environments, and to provide an audit trail of database changes. You can support a DevOps approach to software delivery, prevent the database being a bottleneck and ensure risk is minimized.

"Our key consideration for all activities is risk management – if our systems go down, it costs ABSA a lot of money very quickly."

Rynhardt van Rensburg, Systems Analyst, ABSA Bank

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Good for you, and good for your teams

You get visibility over changes that are coming, the opportunity for manual review steps where required, and insight into the performance impact of those changes in production.

Out of process change and unplanned work is reduced, making it much easier for you to maintain availability and service continuity, and meet regulatory requirements.

Improve compliance with Database DevOps

Provision new environments at speed and mask data so your team can adopt a DevOps way of working while ensuring sensitive data isn’t exposed.

Releases become less risky when developers can work in realistic development and test environments, identifying and fixing errors early through database continuous integration.

“We've cut the time for database provisioning by more than 85%, which is a really quick win for us.”

Ahmed Althamari, Senior SQL Server DBA, Paymentsense

Keep on top of server performance

Automatically monitor servers to catch vulnerabilities that expose your organization to security breaches or poor performance.

Stay on top of the health and status of your estate and identify causes of operational and performance issues to reduce unnecessary downtime, prevent security breaches, and fix performance problems before they become issues for users.

Minimize risk and improve resilience

Apply automatic monitoring for suspicious activity on your servers, and get round-the-clock notice about potential data breaches.

You can work safe in the knowledge that systems containing sensitive data are being watched and that, if sensitive information is compromised, you’ll have all the information you need to act fast.

Protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, and hardware failures with an effective backup regime that also aids disaster recovery.

“Anything that comes up can be rapidly dealt with, and people have been freed up to do more project work.”

Nick Percy, Senior Database Administrator, Claranet


Compliant Database DevOps

How IT teams can balance the need to deliver software faster with the requirement to protect and preserve data.

Any SQL Server monitoring solution should have the DBA at the heart of the solution.

But it shouldn't end there.

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