Compliant Database DevOps

Deliver value quicker while keeping your data safe

Redgate helps teams balance the demand to deliver software fast with the need to protect and preserve business critical data.

Your business, teams, and databases benefit from fast delivery, low downtime, and strong collaboration, while minimizing any risks to your data.

How our customers have benefited

  • Double the productivity in each sprint cycle
  • 83% less time spent doing database deployments
  • 100% database availability
  • 30% reduction in post-deployment errors

Redgate's Compliant Database DevOps solution

An end-to-end framework for extending DevOps to your database

Standardize team-based development

Deliver database changes fast

Use the industry-standard tools for writing SQL and for version control. Help your teams follow best practice, track changes, and cut out deployment issues.

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Automate database deployments

Deploy with confidence

Find and fix errors early, for low risk releases. Set up continuous integration and continuous delivery for your databases, so you and your teams have a consistent, scalable way to deploy.

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protect & preserve data

Test against real data without the risk of breaches

Run realistic tests and keep sensitive information secure by giving your teams access to sanitized real data. Unless you test with real-life data, you can’t be sure if new releases meet the demands of your live systems.

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Monitor performance & availability

Catch problems before they hurt your users

Monitor your whole database estate from a single pane of glass. Get alerts and diagnosis to help your teams boost performance, minimize downtime, and assess the impact of each deployment.

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What does the process look like?

  • Standardize
  • Automate
  • Monitor
  • Protect

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The ROI of Compliant Database DevOps

The business benefits to be gained, the $ value waiting to be realized.

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Compliant Database DevOps

DevOps has entered the conversation. It’s provided a route to remove the database as a bottleneck. Learn how IT teams can balance the need to deliver software faster with the requirement to protect and preserve data in this free whitepaper.

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Case study

ABSA Bank: Introducing database automation

"Our key consideration for all activities is risk management. If our systems go down it costs ABSA a lot of money very quickly" Rynhardt van Rensburg, Systems Analyst, ABSA Bank

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