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This is the most exciting time there’s ever been to be in the software space in general and the database world specifically. DevOps has moved into the enterprise and the database needs to keep up too. At Redgate, we’re making it possible with a suite of database development tools that plug into and integrate with the software used in application development. The result? DevOps for the database has become a reality.

Andrea Giardina

23 September 2021

Andrea Giardina

23 September 2021

What you need to know about the Accelerate State of DevOps 2021

Every year, the Accelerate State of DevOps Report examines the capabilities and practices that drive software delivery, operational, and organizational performance. The 2021 report from the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team at Google Cloud has now been published and provides highlights from seven years of research and data from more than 32,000 professionals... Read more

Why standardizing migrations across multiple database types with Flyway adds up for Desjardins

A new case study shows how Desjardins uses Flyway Teams to standardize the way migration scripts are created and versioned across its multi-database estate, which includes Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL. With assets of over $350 billion and seven million members and clients, Desjardins is the leading financial cooperative in North America. Originally established... Read more

Why DevOps isn’t a level playing field for financial services and insurance

Redgate recently published the 2021 State of Database DevOps report which, for the last five years, has followed the rise in DevOps and the challenges organizations face when adopting it for both application and database development. Based on a survey of thousands of IT professionals from around the world, it also provides the opportunity... Read more

Overcoming Database DevOps Challenges: Part 1

As part of our research for the 2021 State of Database DevOps report, we asked 3,000+ recipients what they consider to be the greatest challenge when integrating database changes into a DevOps process. According to the respondents, these are the most important challenges facing database professionals when introducing DevOps practices to database development. Three... Read more