Easy database version control with Git, SVN, and TFS

No more manual processes to check in changes. Link your Oracle database to your version control server.

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New in 5.2: Share database changes faster by filtering out irrelevant objects. Read more here.


Version control over 20 different RDBMS with Flyway

Source Control for Oracle capabilities will be merging into Flyway

With Flyway you'll still be able to track changes to your schema objects and static data in your version control system, and deploy your database changes manually or automatically.

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Introduction to Source Control for Oracle

Make tracking and sharing schema changes simple

  • Check static data changes into version control, alongside schema changes
  • Check in changes with a simple log message and click of a button
  • Compare objects and static data in the database with version control side-by-side
  • No need to stop using your favorite editor
  • Lock objects on a shared development database
  • Enable easy setup of sandboxed environments
  • Remove the need for complex solutions to script out database objects and check them into version control
  • Use any unsupported version control system via a working folder

How to buy Source Control for Oracle

Source Control for Oracle is available in Flyway Teams. Choose to use Source Control for Oracle or Flyway’s multi-RDBMS advanced version control capabilities, accessible via Flyway Desktop and the command line.

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If you already own a copy of Source Control for Oracle or hold a subscription and wish to renew or increase the number of users, please get in touch and we will be very happy to help.

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Features of Source Control for Oracle

Easy Oracle version control

Source Control for Oracle is a Windows application that makes it easy to version-control your schemas and static data with Git, SVN, and TFS. You can continue making changes in your IDE without the need to work on separate script files, so there's no disruption to the way you work.

Creating a new project in Source Control for Oracle

Version control your schemas and static data

Store and share any Oracle database object and static data. Committing and updating takes two clicks in the Object Explorer.

To see what’s new, you can check changes down to the individual data rows, with highlighted changed records.

Comparing local data changes with version-controlled data
Check in Oracle database changes with one click

Share changes with one click

Source Control for Oracle checks your changes into version control for you — so you don't have to rely on manual scripting and source-controlling processes. You can compare changes to source control and see highlighted differences. When you're ready, just type a message and click Check in.

Record every database check-in

The History tab shows every change, so you can easily track which objects were changed, who checked them in, and when. Each object can be compared before and after check-in with the differences viewer. If something went wrong with your latest change, the difference viewer makes it easy to spot and fix.

Tracking Oracle database changes with the history tab
New Oracle database changes in version control are highlighted in the task bar

Works alongside your IDE

Source Control for Oracle works independently of your editor, so whether you use SQL Developer or PL/SQL Developer, you don't have to change how you work on your database. Minimized, the tool keeps the team up-to-date through task bar notifications while you work.

Lock objects

If your team works on a shared development database, you can lock objects while you work on them. If someone tries to edit an object, the server will return an error message. Comments can be added when locking objects to aid communication across the team. Learn how this feature works by visiting our documentation site.

Locking Oracle database objects that are being modified in version control
Creating new database directly from version control

Enables sandboxed development

Source Control for Oracle makes setting up sandboxed environments easy. Developers can get the latest version from version control before starting work to make sure they're not overwriting other people's changes. When a new person joins the team, it's simple to get them up and running with a fresh copy of the database in version control.

Working folder for other version control systems

Connect to other version control systems (eg Mercurial, Perforce, Vault, ClearCase) via a working folder. Use your existing tools to commit changes, and use Source Control for Oracle to quickly modify scripts and databases.

Working folder allows use of any file based version control system

Screenshot tour

Easy to version control schema and data changes in Oracle

Connect multiple schemas to Git, SVN, or TFS

Works alongside your SQL editor

Source Control for Oracle

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