Compliant Database DevOps in the Healthcare Sector

From hospitals providing vital care, to pioneering research in the pharmaceutical industry, database teams across the Healthcare sector are relied upon every day to maintain consistent access to data, and prevent interruption that could affect the front-line.

The Healthcare sector is rapidly innovating with the increasing demands on data.

While being under immense pressure organizations must continue to safeguard Protected Health Information while also delivering powerful innovative solutions faster than ever before.

Database DevOps is supporting Healthcare to improve the quality & efficiency of releases, monitoring servers to allow problems to be resolved before they impact the front line, and all while ensuring patient data is kept secure.

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Monitor performance & availability

Healthcare organizations share the challenge of large quantities of sensitive data, and high levels of demand.

Proactively monitoring servers helps avoid downtime with accurate & assistive reporting that diagnoses performance problems before impact to clinicians, researchers, or patients.

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Remove the database bottleneck in software delivery

Synchronize database and application delivery to provide efficiency, speed, and visibility among IT teams who are working with large quantities of PHI.

Reliable and repeatable processes remove the database deployment bottleneck, and ensure downtime is prevented.

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Safeguard PHI and stay compliant

Whatever industry within Healthcare you work in, you will likely be accustomed to a host of regulatory requirements. Data privacy tooling can efficiently remove PHI from your systems, simplify HIPAA, SOX, and GDPR compliance, and keep auditors happy, so that teams are left to focus on delivery.

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Compliant Database DevOps in Healthcare

The cover and interior pages for The current condition of DevOps in the Healthcare sector whitepaper


The current condition of DevOps in the Healthcare sector

To give organizations in Healthcare a deeper understanding of the particular challenges they face when introducing DevOps, this whitepaper offers detailed sector insights from the Redgate's 2021 State of Database DevOps report.

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Case Study

KEPRO Healthcare

Implementing Redgate SQL Provision, KEPRO has been able to achieve a fully functioning offshore development team. They’ve been able to save 15-20 hours a week in provisioning test data, all while maintaining HIPPA standards and regulations.

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Predictions for Healthcare and Database Infrastructure in 2021

Grant Fritchey, Kathi Kellenberger, and Kendra Little share ideas and predictions about how the healthcare sector will evolve in 2021.

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Healthcare sees continued adoption of Database DevOps

Database DevOps is on the rise in the Healthcare sector and they are also the frontrunner when it comes to automation.

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Monitoring your servers


Improving deployment performance with Redgate Monitor

As the demand for more frequent deployments increases, management of SQL Server availability needs to evolve. It’s essential that there’s a feedback loop between development and DBA teams about the impact of deployments. Find out more on how it's done.

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2020 State of Database Monitoring in the Healthcare

This special edition of Redgate's 2020 Database Monitoring Report gives organizations in the Healthcare sector a deeper understanding of the particular challenges they face when it comes to database monitoring.

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