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At Redgate, we make ingeniously simple software used by 650,000 IT professionals who work with SQL Server, Azure, .Net, and Oracle. More than 100,000 companies use our products, including 91% of companies in the Fortune 100. Our philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools which elegantly solve the problems that developers and database administrators face every day. We enjoy it too. It’s what makes coming to work fun.

How I landed a UX gig at Redgate (part 1)

I moved to Cambridge UK in the summer of 2015. A bit of an Anglophile, it’s lived up to all expectations every Jane Austen book gave me of England. A hop, skip, and a jump away from London — it’s everything you need in a city, with its beautiful colleges and the River Cam as the... read more

Reflections from a UX guinea pig: my internship at Redgate

Redgate have been running a hugely successful intern program for a number of years now. Last summer, they looked to expand on the existing program and include an intern position in User Experience. This is where I come in. I was Redgate’s first UX intern – the guinea pig, if you will. With no... read more

The work life dilemma

Life’s chaotic, whether you’ve got plans or whether stuff just comes up. And often life has a tendency to conflict with work. Just the other day my daughter had a raised temperature, but I also had a busy day planned at work, including an important call with a marketing partner in the US. What... read more

Who’d want to be a coach?

Earlier this year, Redgate introduced a new role to support our development teams: Coaches. The idea’s pretty simple. Our development teams are made up of software engineers, who make great products. They can do that on their own, but many people are used to agile experts (like scrum masters or project managers) and quality... read more

DLM Dashboard – the inside story

As a DevOps engineer at Redgate, I’m one of those responsible for keeping the systems going behind the scenes. That’s everything from the internal systems and databases to the infrastructure that keeps our websites up and running. As you might imagine, I don’t have a lot of free time, so if there’s a tool... read more

Time to down tools and pick up some new ideas

At Redgate, we spend a lot of time developing ingeniously simple solutions to very complicated problems, typically those faced by database developers. It’s hard work but it’s rewarding work too and our software is in use by many of the world’s biggest companies (and a lot of smaller ones too). Down tools Every now... read more

Don’t pass up on the chance to join us at PASS Summit

It’s that time of year again when I start looking forward to October and PASS Summit. The (rainy and grey) streets of Seattle will, once again, be full of data professionals. Over 4,000 members of the #SQL community (professionals who use the Microsoft data platform) will descend on the Emerald City between 25-28 October... read more

SQL in the City goes virtual

SQL in the City 2016 won’t be hosted in London or Seattle this year. Instead we’ll be coming to every location worldwide – virtually. Redgate has hundreds of thousands of customers across the globe, so we’ve decided to host a virtual event online this year to reach as many of you as we can... read more

Updates to our licensing system

We shipped some updates to our licensing system in the .NET profilers back in January, and we’re gradually rolling those changes out into our other products at the moment. There wasn’t much to see: UX polish, and a move from per-product to a centralized licensing service. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be gradually... read more