Developing Product Marketers

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We’re currently trying to hire a number of product marketers and I’m regularly asked questions about personal development. What are the opportunities for progression? What’s available from a personal development perspective? What training is available? This is particularly pertinent when people are switching industries, or when they perceive us doing something highly technical that,... read more

Introducing term time working

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Finding and recruiting IT people is tough. Not just for us, but for every technology company in Cambridge. And it’s all down to the digital skills gap – a gap that could, according to figures released by the European Commission in June 2015, lead to 825,000 vacancies in the IT sector by 2020. So... read more

Source controlling your database permissions

The problem A common question we encounter when working with SQL Source Control is about database permissions. Different environments require different permissions, so should you just omit them entirely from Source Control? Or perhaps include only permissions for your production environment? Permissions are extremely important, so not source controlling them at all doesn’t seem... read more

Two different types of release branch

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When devising the first workshop for the new Redgate DLM training program, Steve Jones and I got into a bit of a debate about branching. Upon reflection, it’s obvious why. People often use the term ‘release branch’, but they can mean different things. It is important to be clear. I did some Googling and... read more

Database continuous integration made easier with Redgate SQL CI and Bamboo

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Most application developers are used to the benefits of continuous integration. With tools like Bamboo you can bring your application’s continuous integration and delivery pipeline together in a single workflow. What if you could include your databases in that same workflow? SQL CI is part of the DLM Automation Suite, a suite of tools... read more

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