Why Support AND Upgrades matter

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Do you like the reassurance that a support engineer is only a phone call away when something goes wrong? When disaster strikes, it’s good to know there’s a capable person to hand who can help save your bacon. A support contract is a no-brainer for most organizations when they buy tools for SQL Server.... read more

Azure SQL Data Warehouse has landed. Now we’re going to make it fly.

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. But what does general availability actually mean and what makes it of news to Redgate? Good question. I’ll tackle general availability first. It’s another of those terms like beta, preview, or release candidate that we’re familiar with, but this is the real deal.... read more

Is your SQL code covered?

No, it almost certainly isn’t. Besides, how would you know either way? Let me explain. Most modern software development today includes some form of automated testing. While comprehensive unit testing is still sorely lacking in many organizations, it’s often mitigated by other forms of automated testing conducted later on in the development cycle. Code... read more