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Database CI with Redgate DLM Automation, PowerShell and Jenkins

While the practice of Continuous Integration (CI) started with application code, you can apply the same principles to databases. Database CI is the process by which we build, test and deploy the database on commit of every database change, and report any errors. In this way, CI reduces your feedback loop such that changes... read more

Database automation made easier

Last week saw the release of DLM Automation – a new improved version of our database automation offering. So what’s changed? DLM Automation combines all the functionality of its predecessors, SQL CI and SQL Release, in one unified tool. This means you now only need to install one product in order to set up... read more

Is your SQL code covered?

No, it almost certainly isn’t. Besides, how would you know either way? Let me explain. Most modern software development today includes some form of automated testing. While comprehensive unit testing is still sorely lacking in many organizations, it’s often mitigated by other forms of automated testing conducted later on in the development cycle. Code... read more

DLM Automation add-ons

Many software teams are already integrating their application code but haven’t yet brought the continuous integration discipline to their database development. With DLM Automation, you can extend that process by plugging into third party tools commonly used for application development. It’s now even easier to find the add-on you need for your build or release... read more

DLM S3 – Continuous Integration

 In this post, we take a big step forward in engineering the database development process by looking at Continuous Integration (CI) for your database and the characteristics of a software pipeline that begins to implement a repeatable process. This is the S3 stage, named for, and characterized by, the use of CI. S3 –... read more

Database unit testing, are we all doing it wrong?

This week at Redgate HQ we’ve been lucky enough to have a visit from Dave Farley, Continuous Delivery evangelist and co-author of the book Continuous Delivery. In one of our discussions we started talking about database unit testing. Pretty soon we realized we both meant something fundamentally different when we called something a database... read more

Customer-specific database deployments

A question that we often get asked is how to deploy specific variations of a database to different customers. Or how to deploy different static configuration data to each customer, and how to version control, test and deploy this per customer in an automated way. In the post below I'm going to run through an... read more

Redgate partners with DZone to release 2015 Guide to Continuous Delivery

We’re excited to be a research partner for DZone’s Guide to Continuous Delivery, a premium resource focused on continuous integration and DevOps management trends, strategies, and tools. In the Guide to Continuous Delivery, you’ll get an overview of the latest practices and how continuous delivery affects many aspects of an organization. It includes: •... read more