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How Redgate helped define a truly automated database deployment process

At the end of 2016, we interviewed Bob Walker, a Lead Application Developer, to find out how he went about setting up automated database deployments using Redgate tools and what lessons he’d learned. The highlights make interesting reading. You describe the time before Redgate database automation as ‘truly the Wild West of database development’.... read more

Where’s the database in DevOps?

At the end of 2015, we interviewed James Betteley, Head of Education at DevOpsGuys about the role of the database in DevOps. James is a firm believer that DevOps is about people and processes, and that while automation tools are necessary, they are not sufficient for a team to be a DevOps team. Here’s what... read more

Skyscanner’s continuous delivery journey

Skyscanner, the Scottish company behind the popular travel search website, announced it was being bought by Chinese tourism group Ctrip.com for £1.4bn yesterday. The media have focused on the fact that this announcement comes only 24 hours after the British chancellor Phillip Hammond pledged measures to combat the “long-standing problem of our fastest growing... read more

3 ways to get hands-on with DLM

Most people involved in database development would agree Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) is a good idea. When implemented correctly, you get a reliable, repeatable and predictable way of delivering database changes and minimize much of the deployment pain associated with manual processes. So why isn’t everyone doing it already? Well, because putting it into... read more

Database automation made easier

Last week saw the release of DLM Automation – a new improved version of our database automation offering. So what’s changed? DLM Automation combines all the functionality of its predecessors, SQL CI and SQL Release, in one unified tool. This means you now only need to install one product in order to set up... read more

Teamwork is the key to developing SQL Source Control as well as using it

The long-awaited release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2016 is approaching, bringing with it a more modern look and feel, more features, and more advantages for users. At Redgate, we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to make sure the latest version of SQL Source Control supports SSMS 2016 from launch day. SQL Source Control... read more

Managing environments in DLM Dashboard

DLM Dashboard is a free tool that lets you track schema changes as they progress through the different stages of your database lifecycle. With DLM Dashboard you can start to get a much better picture of your workflow and see where you might need to take remedial action. DLM Dashboard categorizes your databases by environment... read more

DLM Automation add-ons

Many software teams are already integrating their application code but haven’t yet brought the continuous integration discipline to their database development. With DLM Automation, you can extend that process by plugging into third party tools commonly used for application development. It’s now even easier to find the add-on you need for your build or release... read more