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SQL Bits 2017 – at the disco’tech’

We’re now just one month away from SQL Bits, a data conference bringing together the largest European gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals from 28 countries. Redgate is proud to have sponsored SQL Bits since the event began in 2007. This year, we’re especially looking forward to being part of SQL Bits ‘Disco’, which... read more

Database provisioning from backups using SQL Clone

In a previous article, Getting started with SQL Clone, I described how SQL Clone could remove much of the administrative burden from the database provisioning process, the advantages of a new, lightweight process to spin up “real databases” for use in development and test work, and finally how to produce data images and then... read more

SQL Clone: the aspirin for your database provisioning headaches

When developing a database as a team, most team members would generally prefer to work with their own, isolated copy of the database, rather than work on a shared development database. Up to now, however, there have been a number of additional management and security problems with the dedicated database approach and these burdens... read more

We’ve ‘cloned’ SQL in the City Streamed

Following the success of SQL in the City Streamed back in December, we’re excited to let you know that we’re running another virtual live stream event this month. This time, it will focus exclusively on our new tool, SQL Clone. Join the SQL Clone product launch Live Stream on 29th March Our popular evangelists and... read more

Team-based database development with SQL Clone

For most development teams, the database provisioning process involves some element of compromise. Often, developers will work with the up-to-date database schema but only a small sample of test data, for example. It’s a fast, lightweight approach that is sufficient for most simple tests, but it doesn’t necessarily reveal exactly how the application will... read more

Visual Studio turns 20 – how are you celebrating?

The following are just some of the anecdotes from Redgaters here at Redgate HQ when I asked them for their reflections on 20 years of Visual Studio. Almost all of our developers use Visual Studio every day, so there are a lot of memories to share: I’ve been using Visual Studio since VS6, 15 years... read more

A glimpse into the culture of our software development teams

When anyone visits Redgate HQ in Cambridge and takes a tour of the software development teams, their reaction is invariably the same. They’re surprised at the dress code (we don’t have one), they’re mystified by the walls plastered with Post-it notes, and they’re intrigued by the giant bean bags and cake everywhere. That’s the... read more