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3 Results Grid features SQL Prompt brings to SSMS

You may not have heard about it yet, but three helpful features were recently added to SQL Prompt that are activated when you right-click on the Results Grid in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 1. Copy as IN clause This feature is available when you have values from a single column selected. You can... read more

Time travelling with SQL Compare

In SQL Server 2016, Microsoft introduced support for system-versioned temporal tables. Temporal tables are a database feature that provides information about data stored at any point in time, rather than only the data that is correct at that specific moment. Why are temporal tables needed? Simply put, they make it much easier to analyze... read more

How to sell a car

At Redgate we’ve had various debates over the years about how much impact the sales function has on the business. We’ve run experiments, had philosophical debates, made significant shifts in our policy and practice. There is a painful lesson that I’ve had to relearn many times, though: if the sales teams don’t do the... read more

Automatically filling your SQL Server test databases with data

This article explains how you can use SQL Data Generator (SDG) to automate data provisioning for test databases, during the database development cycle. Having first created an SDG project file for a database, to define the data generation strategy, we can write a command line batch script, or PowerShell script, which uses a build... read more

Announcing Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is released today, and its new features like Live Unit Testing and configurable code style rules have already been grabbing the headlines. But inside the Visual Studio 2017 installer, another big surprise awaits: Redgate Data Tools. We’ve partnered with Microsoft so Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers can install ReadyRoll Core, SQL Prompt... read more

SQL Clone competition – win an Amazon Echo Dot

Competition time! To celebrate the launch of SQL Clone, we’re giving away 25 Amazon Echo Dots and 5 SQL Clone licenses. We had a bit of fun creating a skill for Alexa that provisions databases using SQL Clone because, not only does SQL Clone provision databases in seconds using just megabytes of disk space,... read more

SQL Bits 2017 – at the disco’tech’

We’re now just one month away from SQL Bits, a data conference bringing together the largest European gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals from 28 countries. Redgate is proud to have sponsored SQL Bits since the event began in 2007. This year, we’re especially looking forward to being part of SQL Bits ‘Disco’, which... read more