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At Redgate, we make products for the Microsoft data platform. More than 100,000 companies use those products, including 91% of companies in the Fortune 100. We’re constantly developing new software and new features for our current software. This is the place to read about the latest developments.

Getting started with SQL Doc and PowerShell

SQL Doc keeps everyone in the development team informed about a database. It provides more information than what it is source control, including server settings, and it formats and color-codes the information so that it is as easy to read as possible. It generates the source of all of the metadata of a database,... read more

SQL Clone and backups protected with TDE – part 2

My last article demonstrated that you can use SQL Clone to make a copy of a live database, even when that database is protected with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). However, not everyone will want to use SQL Clone against a live database, especially a production database. Fortunately, SQL Clone allows you to build an... read more

SQL Clone and databases protected with TDE – part 1

SQL Clone is designed to make it easy to provision copies of a database for development and test environments in seconds. Often, these ‘clones’ are copies of production databases, which contain sensitive data that needs to be protected from unauthorized access. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is one technique that many organizations have implemented in... read more

SQL Monitor v7 reporting feature – how helping us helps you

Reporting is something we’ve wanted to improve in SQL Monitor for a long time, and with the launch of v7 we’ve now achieved it. Almost since its inception, users have asked for reporting but it turns out that a ‘report’ is a lot like a ‘dashboard’ – many people say they want one, but... read more

Streamlining database deployments with SQL Compare

When I attended PASS Summit recently, I sat down with Chris Yates, Assistant Vice President and Database Administration Manager of Republic Bank, to understand more about their day-to-day development tasks and how Redgate tools have helped improve their development practices. This is their story. “In a previous life, SQL Server database comparisons and deployments... read more

Quick SQL Prompt tip – script objects as ALTER in two clicks

Working in a large database can be difficult at times. While many of us might learn the meanings and definitions of most objects, it’s easy to forget the exact ways in which some objects work, or what the behavior is in certain calls. This is one place where having tools that assist you like... read more