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Developing the Redgate SQL Toolbelt

There have been a few changes recently in the way Redgate develops software. In a deliberate move to address ongoing requests and requirements from users, the product teams who develop each of the products have been joined by a team dedicated to developing the SQL Toolbelt. To find out what they do, how it affects... read more

Why Support AND Upgrades matter

Do you like the reassurance that a support engineer is only a phone call away when something goes wrong? When disaster strikes, it’s good to know there’s a capable person to hand who can help save your bacon. A support contract is a no-brainer for most organizations when they buy tools for SQL Server.... read more

SQL Server 2016 – what’s changed in the SQL Toolbelt?

Over recent months, Redgate’s development teams have been busy updating the tools in the SQL Toolbelt to support the valuable new functionality released with SQL Server 2016. To achieve this, most tools now support the syntax for SQL Server 2016’s key features, letting you do even more with them. Stretch Tables Our flagship tool... read more

A simpler, faster way of moving between products in the SQL Toolbelt

Earlier this year, Simon Cromarty wrote about something called Honeycomb, a coordinated effort at Redgate to apply a common design to everything we do. You may well have noticed the subsequent changes to our website, the evolution of our product logos, or seen the results in images used at our events. Last week we extended... read more

Smaller software releases are big news too

This has been a good year for Redgate customers. Major software releases of SQL Prompt, SQL Compare, SQL Monitor, and SQL Source Control have introduced new features, added support for the latest versions of SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio, and made them even easier and more intuitive to use. SQL Monitor v5,... read more