A simpler, faster way of moving between products in the SQL Toolbelt

We’ve recently made a coordinated effort at Redgate to apply a common design to everything we do. You may well have noticed the subsequent changes to our website, the evolution of our product logos, or seen the results in images used at our events.

Last week we extended the approach further by releasing a bunch of our products with the new styling – SQL Doc, SQL Data Generator, SQL Dependency Tracker and SQL Multi-Script (which, coincidentally, now includes the ability to save projects).

While planning the release of these products, we also took the opportunity to go a little further and considered the experience users have when using them as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

To that end, we’ve included a new product switcher to make it easier to move between tools when you own the SQL Toolbelt.  For example, if you’re using SQL Doc you could switch to SQL Compare with just a couple of clicks. Better still, you can take the context with you as you move between tools: the source database SQL Compare looks at, for example, will be the one you’ve just documented with SQL Doc.


The product switcher is in its early days and we’d like your feedback in terms of what you expect to see and how you expect it to behave. For example, would displaying SQL Toolbelt products that you haven’t installed be useful? What about updates? How would you expect it to behave if you launch a tool that resides in SSMS?  So give it a go and, if you do have any feedback, please email  Richard Mitchell.

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