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Chris Spalton

28 March 2019

Chris Spalton

28 March 2019

SQL Server Configuration — the Redgate survey results

In the Foundry Team at Redgate, we’ve been looking into how data professionals manage the complexities of their wider data estates. One aspect of this is configuring, deploying and monitoring drift across their numerous servers. I recently wrote a deep dive into our qualitative research findings and, alongside that research, we also conducted a survey with 95 SQL... Read more

Reducing risk with Smart Recommendations in SQL Census

One of the most prominent subjects of the last few months within organizations in many industries across the globe has been centered around data security. Organizational compliance with regulations surrounding management of data is increasingly imperative. Implementing measures to safeguard against risks to data security is vital. SQL Census is a prototype, created by... Read more

Welcome to Redgate tools for SQL Operations Studio

The Preview release of Microsoft’s SQL Operations Studio marks a big change in database development. Following on from the ability to run SQL Server 2017 on Linux, it makes the promise of cross-platform SQL Server development a reality. Built on top of Visual Studio Code, SQL Operations Studio is a free lightweight tool for... Read more

Would you like to see Redgate tools inside SQL Operations Studio?

You may already have heard about Microsoft’s new DevOps platform for database development, SQL Operations Studio, or “SQL Ops Studio”. The preview version was announced at PASS Summit on 1 November, and Foundry, the R&D division of Redgate has been researching the feasibility, practicality and appeal of cross-platform data tools for a while. You... Read more

How might classification and better documentation improve data safety?

In this post, we imagine how auto-classification of data can be used to build better documentation that helps you trust that your organization can use data without posing a risk or compromising regulatory compliance. You may have read recently about how we’ve spent the last month exploring the theme of data classification in Foundry,... Read more

Data classification: understanding and protecting your data

A data discovery and classification research project from Foundry In Foundry, we’re responsible for developing new products and technology to support the changing needs of our customers. We’ve seen a huge shift in our customers’ needs: driven by new and constantly evolving regulations, there’s an ever-growing demand on their time for data governance tasks.... Read more

We’re making SQL Server audits easier – can you help us?

On the Foundry team, we’ve just completed the second stage of our research into problems in the SQL Server audit and compliance space. Thank you to everyone who helped us by participating in our initial research (you can read more about it here). Now we’re starting work on a solution that will reduce the pain and... Read more