28 March 2019
28 March 2019

SQL Server Configuration — the Redgate survey results

In the Foundry Team at Redgate, we’ve been looking into how data professionals manage the complexities of their wider data estates. One aspect of this is configuring, deploying and monitoring drift across their numerous servers.

I recently wrote a deep dive into our qualitative research findings and, alongside that research, we also conducted a survey with 95 SQL Server-focused professionals in conjunction with the user interviews. That was to further help us develop our understanding of how people within larger organizations approach SQL Server configuration and deploying their servers.

To try and outline this in an engaging format, I’ve summarized some key points in the infographic below:

Hopefully, this will help you understand and identify where you and your business are placed amongst your peers with regards to this important process.

As the infographic mentions at the bottom, developing and deepening our understanding is an ongoing exercise. Therefore, if you have any thoughts, experiences or challenges regarding SQL Server configuration, or especially the wider scope of the complexity of managing your entire environments, we’d love to hear from you and arrange a research conversation to hear about them. 

Please drop us a line and we can arrange a time to have a discussion. Our mission is to continually try and help DBAs and other data professionals become the best they can be, and to do that, collaboration with our customers is key.

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