Skills Maps

skills-mapAt Redgate, career development doesn’t mean rising through a hierarchy of job titles. Instead, we encourage people to be T-shaped (or even more!), that is, to take on a broad range of skills alongside expertise in a particular role. The skills maps are our way of communicating the breadth of skills and specialisms available, and highlighting those we find valuable.

The skills maps have some common themes. Each role has a set of core skills, shown in the inner circle, which collectively represent the fundamentals of that role. We expect someone new to a role to take at least two years to gain a comfortable level of competence across all these skills. After that, we’ve highlighted four quadrants which represent different roles that someone might play in a team. These roles are remarkably consistent across the different functions.

  • Leadership: Providing direction, and growing people
  • Project: Interest in team processes, methodologies and evangelising best practice
  • Specialist: Deep knowledge in one or more particular areas
  • Product: Domain expertise, user research and commercial nous

Our skills maps are freely available to download in pdf format, simply click on the desired map below:

Project Manager Software Engineer Project Manager Technical Author UX Researcher



Interaction Designer


UX Skills Map _ Visual designer 4