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SQL Data Catalog

Meeting your CCPA needs with Data Classification and Masking

This article will explain how to import the data classification metadata for a SQL Server database into Data Masker, providingĀ a masking plan that you can use to build the data masking rules that will ensure the protection of all this data. By applying the data masking operation as part of an automated database provisioning process, you make it fast, repeatable and auditable. Read more

The Need for a Data Catalog

In the event of a breach of personal data, any organization must produce proof that they understand what data they hold and where, and how it is being used, and that they have enforced the required standards for access control and security. To make all this possible, it is essential to build a complete model of the data and its lineage, and a data catalog is the first step in this process. Read more

Practical steps for end-to-end data protection

If you plan to make production data available for development and test purposes, you'll need to understand which columns contain personal or sensitive data, create a data catalog to record those decisions, devise and implement a data masking, and then provision the sanitized database copies. Richard Macaskill show how to automate as much of this process as possible. Read more

The Data Catalog comes of Age

Nowadays, it isn’t just banks and multinational corporations who have to be rigorous about data. Even modest organisations who would previously been unable to afford the storage, tooling and processing power required, now have sophisticated data processing capabilities within their reach. Like the superhero of the comics, with such power comes responsibility; companies soon reach Read more