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Richard Macaskill

We don’t need no documentation – automating schema docs in Redgate DLM

“Understanding the existing product consumes roughly 30 percent of the total maintenance time.” Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass. You should be documenting your database schemas. I know it, you know it. Having (current, accurate) documentation available accelerates time-to-resolution for faults, aids tech-to-business conversations, and is a regulatory requirement for a great number of... read more

Higher database limit in DLM Dashboard

We’re pleased to announce that you can now monitor more databases in DLM Dashboard. The latest version, 1.6.2, supports up to 50 databases! Higher database limit was one of the most requested features on UserVoice. Along with the ability to exclude changes using filters, and the option to restrict access to the tool through permissions, we’ve... read more

Sometimes the tool just fits – using Redgate DLM and Octopus Deploy for data change control

From a business risk perspective, data change can be just as significant as code or schema change. Sometimes even more so; an incorrect static (or reference, or master) data change can drive your software’s behaviour more dangerously askew than pretty much any bug can. Imagine treating a retail customer for an investment fund as a corporate... read more