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Ben Rees

Five ways we’ve implemented Agile marketing at Redgate

Implementing Agile working practices reminds me of Communism – if we just did it properly, everything would work perfectly! All projects would be a dream to work on, all deliveries would be early, the customers would get exactly what they needed, and so on. However, perfection is the enemy of progress. We’ve implemented an... read more

Finding Product Managers Part II – Strategy

A few months ago I wrote about how difficult it was to find product managers for Redgate – I described how hard it was finding someone with the necessary mix of technical, commercial and interpersonal skills to succeed. Thinking about it more, I believe that it is in fact harder than that –... read more

Why our customers are ready for ReadyRoll

We’ve just finished the acquisition of ReadyRoll, a database migrations and deployment tool that makes it easy for software teams to develop SQL Server databases within Visual Studio. That’s the headline news, but why did we do it, and are our customers really ready for it? I’ll answer the second question first. Yes. With... read more

Why recruiting a Product Manager is so difficult

Good product managers can’t really be unicorns, can they? Well they can’t be, because we have some great product managers at Redgate. So why then is it so difficult to recruit more? Redgate is an amazing place to work, are these people just not applying? Are we asking for the wrong thing? Too much?... read more