Working as a Product Manager at Redgate – calling all customers


I’ve written a couple of times before about what it takes to be a Product Manager at Redgate – firstly on what the core skills are, then on the need for strategic thinking as part of the role. Certainly one of the points that I hope came across was that we find this a difficult role to fill – the combination of strategic thinking, commercial nous, teamwork and domain expertise makes it a long road to finding the right person. It’s worth it in the end, but still – it’s quite a job finding these unicorns.

Which is where you come in. Looking through the list of requirements, it’s hard to think of where we’d find a large group of “Strategic Thinkers” Or “Teamworkers”. But there’s one place where I know we’ll find a lot of domain expertise – our customers! It sounds obvious, but who knows the concerns, the technology, the alternatives, the working environment of our customers better than, erm.. our customers.

So this is an appeal to all of those who’ve been working with Redgate products for a while, and are interested in taking the next step to work for us, to help shape the future of those products. Maybe you’ve helped us in the past with research and thought “Mm, I really think they should be looking at this instead”. Maybe you’ve chatted to colleagues about our products and have a wider perspective on what we do. We’d love to hear from you. Note, the other aspects are still important – teamwork, commercial nous and strategic thinking – but you should certainly be able to tick the box marked “Domain Expertise” as a starting point.

Also worth noting, we’re based in Cambridge (UK, not US), which is not where most of our customers are! But it’s a beautiful place, and we can offer assistance to help with your relocation if things go well.

Please get in touch with me –, or apply through our website – We look forward to hearing from you.