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Why put your database into version control?

Software development is a difficult and demanding discipline. It gets even more difficult when you bring teams of developers and database administrators together on a single project. One of the fundamental issues arises around the code itself. Who is responsible for what piece of it? What changes have they made? How do you get... read more

A brief history of version control

The fledgling computer industry did not invent version control. It merely adopted practices that were already well established in industrial manufacturing and design, where large, complex machines such as aircraft, tanks or motor cars required a great deal of discipline, particularly in the technical drawing of components. It all started with engineering The engineering... read more

3 ways to get hands-on with DLM

Most people involved in database development would agree Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) is a good idea. When implemented correctly, you get a reliable, repeatable and predictable way of delivering database changes and minimize much of the deployment pain associated with manual processes. So why isn’t everyone doing it already? Well, because putting it into... read more

Database Lifecycle Management: read all about it

Download the preview edition eBook If you work for an organization that produces database-driven software systems, and the database needs any number of changes to features, functionality or data, where do you turn? The answer is the latest book that I’m currently writing in conjunction with Matthew Skelton. It describes how to apply the... read more

DLM S4 – Release Management

Deploying database changes to new environments is a very stressful activity. Many organizations and their employees dread migrating changes to a production database because of the potential for problems or downtime. There are ways to minimize the potential issues and build more reliable deployment processes. In fact, many organizations do this, but they do... read more

DLM S3 – Continuous Integration

 In this post, we take a big step forward in engineering the database development process by looking at Continuous Integration (CI) for your database and the characteristics of a software pipeline that begins to implement a repeatable process. This is the S3 stage, named for, and characterized by, the use of CI. S3 –... read more

DLM S2 – Automated Version Control

 In my last post, I looked at the first stage of our maturity model, the Manual level. In this post we move to the S2 level, which is characterized by the use of a formal Version Control System (VCS) and process. S2 – Automated Version Control Many software development organizations have implemented a VCS... read more

DLM S1 – The Manual Stage

At Redgate Software, we’ve been trying to build tools that help developers work with software better. One of our areas of focus in the last few years has been streamlining database development and deployment. To help customers migrate to a smoother workflow and a better engineered software development pipeline, we’ve built our own maturity... read more

An overview of Database Lifecycle Management

One of the ways in which many software development teams have tried to improve the quality of their output is by examining what has worked in other organizations and projects in the past. They look to experiment with new techniques and ideas, and implement those items that work. This practice has allowed Agile, Scrum,... read more