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As I’ve been speaking and training people on Database Lifecycle Management (DLM), I’ve learned one thing. Trying to implement version control, and Continuous Integration (CI), and automated releases of code is hard. The concept is simple, but all of the various processes, tools, and links that need to be connected can be hard. I’ve seen too many organizations that struggle to get started, often because they see the entire process as just too complex and overwhelming.

It’s not.

Whether you’re trying to release application code or database code, you need to treat them in a similar manner. While there are lots of books, tools, blogs, and companies that can help you work with application code, the database has been more challenging.

At Redgate, we’ve put together a few workshops to help break down the stages of engineering your database delivery and get you moving to help smooth the process of making database changes. These workshops are coming to locations all around the US and UK in the next few months. Check out our schedule, which has dates in :

  • Philadelphia (June 4)
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland (June 26)
  • London (July 8)
  • San Diego, CA (July 16)
  • Manchester, UK (July 24)
  • Baton Rouge, LA (July 31)

There are more dates, and we’re certainly open to scheduling more locations and even private classes if you’d like. Contact us if you have a request.

Most of these classes are delivered by experienced partners of Redgate, often consultancy organizations that have been working with clients for years to build smoother application delivery processes, and are moving into the database space. The classes use our tools, and Grant, myself, or one of our other Redgate experts will be on hand to help you learn the skills you need to start implementing DLM concepts. We can even recommend consultants to work with you for a two day DLM Health Check or on longer term projects that help you build better software. Contact DLMPartners@red-gate.com for more information.

We find that many of our customers are struggling with different parts of building a smooth software pipeline. They want to get better, and they find the Redgate tools help, but they need a little push or confidence to implement an engineered process.

Our three workshops are designed to teach you about different parts of a DLM environment. They map to the Database Lifecycle, helping you move to a different stage and a better engineered process at each step. The three workshops are:

  • Database Source Control – getting your database code into a Version Control System and dealing with the issues of branching, merging, team coordination and more.
  • Database Continuous Integration – learning to automate the building and testing of your code each time a change is checked into a VCS. This lets you find issues quickly.
  • Automated Database Deployment – Gain the skills to automatically generate upgrade scripts and ensure they are tested and deployed smoothly, without any of the release day stress many of you experience.

These classes won’t solve your DLM challenges in a day, but they’ll give you the skills and confidence to move forward. Ask you boss to send you and get a bit of training to help you start building better software.

Come join us and learn to ship often and ship safe.

This post was originally published at https://voiceofthedba.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/database-lifecycle-workshops/

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