Migrate and manage data across the Microsoft Data Platform

Introducing Data Platform Studio, a new platform from Redgate designed from the ground up to help you migrate and manage your data, wherever you choose to store it. From your on-premise Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Azure, Data Platform Studio provides all the control you need to ensure you're in control of your data.

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Data Platform Studio Importer

Simplify the process of migrating data from your on-premise SQL Server to Azure SQL Data Warehouse with the Data Platform Studio importer. Automatically, and in far less time than it takes to handle migrations manually, it:

  • Makes schema compatibility fixes to prepare your Azure SQL Data Warehouse for your database
  • Compresses your data so it uploads to Azure efficiently
  • Utilizes the MPP power of Azure SQL Data Warehouse to ingest the data quickly

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More features coming soon

The migrations feature of Data Platform Studio is just the beginning. We’re already working on additional features to make it more useful.

Provision database copies

Create compliant copies of production data for use in development and testing environments.

Data Mapping

Get an instant overview of where your data is and how it's being moved and used.

Microsoft Azure

Harness the power of Azure, quicker

We created Data Platform Studio with one objective: to help your organization make the most of Azure. Data Platform Studio takes the hassle out of migrating data, maintains data security, and helps you achieve regulatory data compliance.

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