The Agile/ UX Panel at UX Cambridge 2011

The first UX Cambridge event was run by Software Acumen and took place on the 10th and 11th November at Clare College’s new Gillespie Conference Centre. The event was primarily aimed at the East of England User Experience and Design community although it ended up attracting UX and Design professionals from as far afield as Bristol, Dublin and Nîmes. The... read more

When MVP doesn’t work

Some good points by Seth Godin on when minimum viable products aren’t necessarily the right way to go. Marketing plays by different rules than engineering. Many products depend on community, on adoption within a tribe, on buzz–these products aren’t viable when they first launch, precisely because they haven’t been adopted. “Being used by my... read more

Key takeaways from #BOS2011

I was at Business of Software last week in Boston. It was a great event and I strongly recommend it. I wrote 2 short posts about key takeaways from the conference on my personal blog. Links and excerpts below. Thoughts on Business of Software 2011 Rory Sutherland, of Ogilvy Group, was probably my favourite speaker of the... read more

Bad design: Starbucks Petites range

This complaint about bad design is about baked goods: namely, the range of mini-cakes, whoopie pies, and cake pops released in spring 2011 by Starbucks. Now don’t get me wrong: I love cake like a fat kid loves…well, you know. But my complaint isn’t so much about the cakes (and definitely not the salted... read more

Lean UX: lean on me?

Sisyphus has found some friends! Bear with me; this really is about UX – it’s something we learned in the latest of our regular “UX Lunch” video sessions here at Redgate. The Sisyphean story is a message from Adaptive Path’s Janice Fraser, in her MX 2011 talk Crushing the Boulder: User Experience and the... read more

Improving our blog: week 1 – content analysis

As you may have read in our previous post, we’ve just begun a project to improve our blog. Our goal is to increase the amount of traffic we get by around a factor of ten, so we’ve got our work cut out! We think our lack of growth can mainly be attributed to; not... read more

What an online checkout would look like in real life

We just came across this great Google Analytics advert sending up online checkouts. Perhaps if more companies tried to imagine what their checkout process would be like in the world of atoms we’d all have a better experience. Having said that, I’m not sure the reverse of this parody would be any less ridiculous.... read more

[UX Cambridge] The “UX & Agile: A retrospective” workshop

The UX Team at Redgate love design events but we don’t get so many of them in Cambridge. So when Software East announced UX Cambridge 2011 – a fully-fledged UX conference in our own backyard – we were pretty excited. In fact pretty much the entire team will be in attendance; eager to network, learn and... read more

Raising our game: How we’re going to improve our blog

We started this blog on 24th August 2009; the 14th Anniversary of the release of Windows 95 and 3 years to the day after Pluto was officially declared no longer a planet. It was an auspicious occasion. In the 2 years, 1 month, and 26 days since then we’ve published nearly 80 posts. During... read more

“The world of a digital creative is a lot like a video game…”

VitaminTalent have created a fantastic infographic that they modestly describe as a ‘handy chart, mapping out career options and skill sets for all types of digital creative roles’ but one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, providing guideline stats for each role – 600 ‘Arrows drawn hourly’ for an Information Architect apparently, although they... read more