Auto Scroll – a good idea. That isn’t

Auto scroll seems like a good idea. Manually scrolling can be a bit tedious and sometimes the scroll bar is away to the right of the content I want to read, so I’m moving my mouse quite a bit, and quite often considering how much time I spend looking at web pages and documents.... read more

UX collaboration during Down Tools Week

During our most recent down tools week (DTW), Adam Parker, and I became involved in a project called SQL Index Monitor and provided UX skills to the development team. Ideation Session   The week kicked off with an ideation session to generate and share ideas for projects which could be developed over DTW.  This... read more

A brilliant move from Google

Without much fanfare Google innocently just launched a new Chrome extension: the Google +1 Button for Chrome. This is a brilliant move from Google and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a standard part of Chrome rather than just an extension in the near future. It means that whatever I’m browsing I... read more

A small plus for G+

I just left a comment on a Google+ entry. Soon as I posted it I realised I made a mistake and wanted to change it. Lo and behold, there’s a wee edit link right there for me to do just that. It’s a small thing but it’s something that’s been bugging me in the... read more

Collab Lab: speedboat session

Collab Lab Every Wednesday at Redgate, just before lunch, we run a club known as the ‘Collab Lab’. This is open to everyone at Redgate but tends to have a rather strong UX presence. The aim of the club is for us to improve our collaborative decision making skills by learning and practising graphic facilitation techniques... read more

Down Tools Week – gaming around

Every 3 months at Redgate we hold our Down Tools Week (DTW), in which everyone in development stops working on their regular projects and is allowed to work on their own min-project ideas. In the UX team we saw this as an ideal opportunity to also try out some new ways of working together.... read more

Content strategy tool – released!

We’ve just released the first alpha of Page Trawler, our new content audit tool. At the moment it’s only a prototype, but we have grand plans for the product. We believe producing a sitemap of a website should be easy and not be the long, protracted, manual process it is today. We’re really interested... read more

Design pattern face-off, this time it’s personal

We’re in the process of re-designing the UI for one of our products, SmartAssembly. It’s a great tool that allows you to modify an application in three different ways: Protect the application code in various ways to make it difficult to crack Enable your application to report errors that users encounter Add analytics to... read more

Designing our first iPhone app

We’re excited to announce that we have just released our first iPhone app – Out of Office for Outlook. Forgetting to set your out of office before you go on holiday can be a real nuisance. Our app solves this problem by letting you turn your out of office on direct from your iPhone.... read more