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Carly Meichen

The countdown to Microsoft Build 2017

We’re excited to return to Microsoft Build again this year, this time in Seattle, WA. In Microsoft’s own words, Software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways and developers are at the center of it. Microsoft Build is the perfect opportunity to learn about breaking announcements and plans, and see the latest technology... read more

Announcing Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is released today, and its new features like Live Unit Testing and configurable code style rules have already been grabbing the headlines. But inside the Visual Studio 2017 installer, another big surprise awaits: Redgate Data Tools. We’ve partnered with Microsoft so Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers can install ReadyRoll Core, SQL Prompt... read more

Visual Studio turns 20 – how are you celebrating?

The following are just some of the anecdotes from Redgaters here at Redgate HQ when I asked them for their reflections on 20 years of Visual Studio. Almost all of our developers use Visual Studio every day, so there are a lot of memories to share: I’ve been using Visual Studio since VS6, 15 years... read more

Streamlining database deployments with SQL Compare

When I attended PASS Summit recently, I sat down with Chris Yates, Assistant Vice President and Database Administration Manager of Republic Bank, to understand more about their day-to-day development tasks and how Redgate tools have helped improve their development practices. This is their story. “In a previous life, SQL Server database comparisons and deployments... read more

5 shortcuts in SQL Prompt you didn’t know about

When writing SQL, you can use SQL Prompt to quickly jump to some really handy formatting and refactoring actions. This little button right here is called the Actions List and it contains over 20 functions and snippets you can use in just a few keystrokes. Simply highlight your block of code and hit Ctrl,... read more

SQL Compare – why the UI?

Back in June, I shared the exciting news that SQL Compare 12 and SQL Data Compare 12 had been released to beta. It’s been a couple months and the good news is, both new versions are available as Frequent Updates. What we didn’t explain, though, is why we’re making the changes, and why we’re doing it now.... read more

It’s time to share your top .NET performance optimization tips

You’ve probably been there. There’s an issue with the performance of your .NET application, you don’t know what’s causing it, a deadline is looming, and you turn to a performance profiler to help. You resolve the problem, move on, and you’re thankful you saved the day. Now you can save the day for another... read more