SQL Server deployments: Which Redgate tools should you use?

Since 1999, we’ve been developing tools at Redgate to support database deployments for SQL Server.

In the past couple of years, we’ve increased our effort in this space by further developing our proprietary technologies based on SQL Compare, and acquiring others like Flyway, the most popular database migration engine. As a result, we now offer tools which provide more options for SQL Server and also support deployments for 20 different database systems.

This can, however, be slightly confusing for customers who are already familiar with our SQL Server tools and want to know how the new additions work alongside them.

A simple way to think about our offering for SQL Server database deployments is to differentiate products from solutions:

  • Products are defined as a set of features that together support a specific activity or step of the process. Some products can be purchased alone and as part of a solution, while others are only available as part of a solution.
  • Solutions (or bundles) are the way we package and license multiple products together because, together, they support a broader use case like end-to-end database deployments or even the entire lifecycle management of a database.

So, what are our products for SQL Server deployments and how does their licensing work? This table shows a list of all the products we offer to support database deployments for SQL Server.

Product Purchase options
SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare

Compares and deploys SQL Server database schemas and contents, finds and fixes errors, and creates deployment scripts.

SQL Source Control

Connects your database to your version control system so that schemas and reference data can be version controlled and included in CI/CD process, especially when multiple developers are involved.

Integrates with: SQL Change Automation

SQL Change Automation

Builds and tests databases as part of a continuous integration process, confirms changes can be deployed, and provides a tested NuGet package for release across environments.

Integrates with: SQL Source Control / SQL Clone

SQL Clone

Create copies of SQL Server databases and backups, on demand, using around 40 MB of disk space per clone, for development and testing of database changes.

Integrates with: SQL Change Automation


A subset of the functionality available in SQL Change Automation, Flyway helps you implement automated and version-based database migrations across 20 different databases.

And here is a breakdown of the solutions for SQL Server database deployments:

Solution Products included
Redgate Deploy

The most comprehensive solution for automating an end-to-end process for database deployments. Redgate Deploy offers advanced functionalities for SQL Server and Oracle deployments and, through Flyway, is also compatible with 18 other databases including PostgreSQL and MySQL. Additionally, it includes phone and email support.

Suitable for advanced database DevOps professionals in SQL Server or Oracle environments, and organizations that need a single solution to roll out across different teams or database technologies.

  • SQL Compare and Data Compare
  • SQL Change Automation
  • SQL Source Control
  • SQL Clone
  • Flyway
  • Plus additional CI/CD products for Oracle
SQL Toolbelt

A comprehensive bundle of basic database tooling to manage the entire database management lifecycle, from standardizing coding to monitoring production. Additionally, it includes phone and email support.

Suitable for users who want a comprehensive set of database tooling or are getting started with database DevOps.

  • SQL Compare and Data Compare
  • SQL Change Automation
  • SQL Source Control
  • Plus other tools like SQL Monitor and SQL Prompt
Flyway Teams

The world’s most popular open source database migrations tool, Flyway works with 20 different databases. The paid version offers premium features and email support.

Suitable for teams starting with DevOps, especially if their developers are already using the Community edition, or if they use databases other than SQL Server and Oracle.

  • All Flyway features

So, what product or solution should I choose for SQL Server deployments?

While Flyway is the most popular database migration engine and works for 20 different databases including SQL Server, we find that customers normally choose SQL Source Control, SQL Change Automation, or a combination of the two. As well as supporting database migrations, these products save time by helping author the code which will be deployed and offer much richer CI/CD support.

If you already use SQL Source Control, SQL Change Automation or SQL Compare, our recommendation is to continue to use those tools, or upgrade to Redgate Deploy if you need more advanced functionality.

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