Redgate Deploy has changed name to Flyway Enterprise

Automate database deployments across teams and technologies

Increase the frequency and reliability of deployments with Database DevOps

  • Standardize deployments for SQL Server, Oracle, and 18 other databases
  • Increase frequency and reliability of database deployments
  • Flexible toolchain for easy adoption across teams
  • Catch errors and speed up development with Continuous Integration
  • Get oversight of every change to your databases
A diagram demonstrating how Redgate Deploy links key DevOps processes

From version control to continuous delivery, Redgate Deploy lets your teams automate database development processes so you can accelerate software delivery and ensure quality code.

Building on your continuous delivery process for applications, and incorporating Redgate’s industry-leading tools and Flyway migrations framework, Redgate Deploy extends DevOps to your databases.

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Redgate Deploy has changed name to Flyway Enterprise

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“We're managing to release up to 95 times per day. It's vastly improved from 1 every 6 weeks.”

Ryan Crawford
Director of Engineering

Achieve continuous delivery of database changes

Increase the frequency and reliability of database deployments

Automate your deployments for faster delivery of database changes through your pipeline.

To guarantee quality and consistency, Redgate Deploy provides repeatable processes that you can standardize on at every stage, from version control to live deployment.

Standardize database deployments across teams and technologies

Standardize how you manage database changes with Flyway, the world’s most popular migrations framework for database deployments.

Built in to Redgate Deploy, Flyway uses native SQL for easy adoption and a tried and tested approach that works with the 20 most common database platforms.

Facilitate adoption with an intuitive, flexible Database DevOps toolchain

With Redgate tools built around SQL, plus extra features and GUI-based options to auto-generate migration scripts for SQL Server and Oracle, it’s simple for users to adopt Redgate Deploy, work more productively, and improve quality and consistency of deployments.

Get oversight of every change to your databases

Keep track of your deployments with reports that support your review process and audit requirements.

Get insights into deployment scripts, change reports, code analysis, drift detection, and invalid objects.

How Redgate Deploy helps four key processes

How Redgate Deploy helps source control, Continuous Integration and release management

database clones

Develop and test with real data to catch bugs early. Automate and self-serve development and test environments with full-size production databases in seconds, saving 99% of storage.

Version control

Introduce version controlled migrations and record database changes to improve quality and speed up the development feedback loop.

Continuous integration

Automate the process of testing and promoting database changes across your pipeline, just like you do for application code.

Repeatable deployments

Deploy database changes in the same way every time. No matter the complexity of database changes, our tools ensure consistency and predictability during deployment.

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Adoption has never been simpler

Integrate with your existing development and release tools

Integrate with your existing development and release tools

Redgate Deploy integrates with all common CI and release tools, including GitHub, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity, and many more.

Work with native SQL

Work with native SQL

Redgate Deploy treats the SQL script as a first-class artifact. For SQL Server and Oracle, rich GUIs help you generate and validate your scripts. For other databases, the Flyway framework uses SQL scripts as its native deployment artifact.

Get expert advice for Database Devops

Get expert advice to introduce Database DevOps

Our support and engineering teams are on-hand to support you with implementation, design, and proof of concept.

With expert help, intuitive tooling, rich GUIs, and a wealth of documentation, training courses, and technical articles, you can quickly achieve a return on your investment.

“With techniques such as continuous delivery becoming more mainstream, automated database migrations are a baseline capability for many software teams. Flyway makes it as painless as possible to automate this process.”

Erik Dörnenburg
Head of Technology Europe

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Redgate’s Database DevOps solution lets you extend your DevOps practices to SQL Server databases so that you can optimize productivity, agility and performance across the full database lifecycle.

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