Compare and deploy SQL Server database contents

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How to compare and deploy SQL Server database contents with SQL Data Compare (3:29)

Introduction to SQL Data Compare

SQL Data Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database contents.

You can work with live databases, backups, or SQL scripts in source control. Damaged or missing data can be restored to a single row, without the need for a full database recovery.

SQL Data Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply, and with zero errors.

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Compares and synchronizes SQL Server database contents


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Automate comparisons and migrations, and recover individual rows by comparing databases to backups

Part of the SQL Toolbelt

Key features

Do all this with SQL Data Compare Standard

  • Save time comparing and synchronizing data
  • Copy lookup data from development databases to staging or production
  • Generate T-SQL scripts to update one database with the contents of another
  • Keep an accurate history of all previous database records
  • Compare and synchronize data from within SQL Server Management Studio
  • Deploy to SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Do even more with SQL Data Compare Pro

  • Quickly fix problems by restoring damaged or missing data to a single row
  • Deploy databases from source control
  • Compare and synchronize from backup files
  • Automate comparison and synchronization tasks with SQL Change Automation
  • Run SQL Data Compare Pro on your build server for continuous integration, with SQL Change Automation

Full list of features

What can I compare and synchronize?StandardPro
SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, SQL Azure, & SQL Server on Amazon RDS databases
Native, encrypted, & compressed SQL Server 2008, & 2012 backup files
SQL Server 2014 backup files
Redgate SQL Backup Pro files
Folders of SQL scripts (for source control)
Compare and deploy changes to SQL Server database contents
Compare and synchronize data from within SSMS
Automatically create error-free synchronization scripts
Build sophisticated rules to selectively limit what to synchronize
Index view support so data differences are seen on both views and tables
Comparison on primary keys and unique indexes so you can define identical rows
Custom comparison keys to compare databases based on any field
Pivot-view difference navigation to display row data as columns
Comparison and synchronization of large databases
Create an audit trail by comparing backups
Backup target database before changes are migrated
Command line automation
(If you're using the command line on a build server, youll need SQL Change Automation)
Fast table, column, or row level restore of damaged or missing data

Display full feature list


Select what you want to compare

Select data to deploy

Create a manual deployment script

The databases are identical

Compare and manually deploy database contents from within SSMS

Case Study

“I synchronize scripts and changes across anywhere from 2 to 200 databases at the same time using SQL Compare Pro and SQL Data Compare Pro.”
— John Trumbul, Senior Software Engineer, Lumidata

Lumidata uses SQL Data Compare Pro as part of the SQL Toolbelt.

Find out how John Trumbul saved a half-year of a developer's salary in his first three months of using the SQL Toolbelt.

Read the case study (PDF)

Troy Hunt

Automated data syncing with SQL Data Compare Pro and TeamCity

Software architect and Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt uses SQL Data Compare Pro to sync data back down from production, to his test and development environments.

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